Saturday, December 27, 2014

I'm glad I touched shoulders with you

Well my heart is full tonight as I've been going through my Christmas cards one last time & rereading them again. It makes me feel close to home & to those I love & who love me. I don't know where to begin to thank everyone for your kindness & generosity to me. I can't begin to tell you the size of my cards I received. The lady we live with ask if that is all family? No I told her it's town people & friends or they are all the same. She told me that it made her want to be better with the missionaries in her ward. Thanks so much for the money, gift cards, your letters, deep blue, quilt, hanky, book, picture of Christ, & the love I felt as I read your messages. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas & was able to spend some time with family & friends. I'm sorry but I don't think I'm going to be able to get my cards out this year & probably not thank you cards but please know I do appreciate each & everyone of you. Christmas this year was spent pretty well focused oh our Savior, Jesus Christ. I never even spent one day shopping for gifts, I just can't do everything anymore that I used to be able to do. Guess you might say I'm slowing down a bit.  I never had time to talk to our kids on Christmas even though they did leave me some messages. The next morning I received a text wondering if Santa had taken me back to the North Pole or if I was still in Texas or just where I was? It gave me my laugh for the day. It's pretty tough keeping up with all the parties we've been invited to plus doing quite a bit of service also. It is so cold here I can hardly wait to get back to Randolph. I think I'm going to have to write home for some long johns or maybe I'm just getting wimpy in my senior years.  It's been fun to talk with the young elders & sisters & hear about their phone calls home. I love those young people & their dedication in serving the Lord. The highlight of my Christmas was the day after we were able to go to a baptism for a couple originally from India. They have been working with them for 2 years. I was able to help the women get ready & then we went out & watched her husband be baptized first. Great night then a non member invited us out for some REAL Chinese food. I loved the pictures ya'll sent me, thanks so much.  My thought I received in a card, There's a comforting thought at the close of the day, when I'm weary & lonely & sad, that sort of grips hold of my crusty old heard & bids it be merry & glad. It gets in my soul & it drives out the blues, and finally thrills through & through. It is just a sweet memory that chants the refrain: "I'm glad I touch shoulders with you!" Did you know you were brave, did you know you were strong? Did you know there was one learning hard? Did you know that I waited & listened & prayed, and was cheered by your simplest word? Did you know that I longed for that smile on your face, for the sound of your voice ringing true? Did you know I grew stronger & better because I had merely touched shoulders with you? I am glad that I live, that I battle & strive for the place that I know I must fill; I am thankful for sorrows, I'll meet with a grin what fortune may send, good or ill. I may not have wealth, I may not be great, but I know I shall always be true, for I have in my life that courage you gave when once I rubbed shoulders with you.  Author Unknown.  My Christmas card to you all I love everyone! My scripture   1 Corinthians 2: 9-10. Sweet dreams  Sister Putnam

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pictures from my world

There were bikes, boxes, bags & luggage on 2 sides of the church house as missionaries were being transferred.  I told Santa what I wanted & he just shook his head & said I hadn't been good enough this year but maybe next. My new companion Sister Horsburgh we're going to the rest home to play trivia. I'm learning so much from these guys, the oldest one is 97, I ask him why he was so smart, he told because he eats celery so I've been eating celery but I haven't noticed any difference yet. The beautiful plants were at the rest home. I had to go have a few adjustments on my back, neck, arm & about my whole body. The doctor won't take any money because I'm a missionary. He works on all missionaries FREE. Just a few pictures from my world.

Our greatest need is forgiveness

I'll try this again one more time I got my blog all done the other night & went to add a period at the end & some how erased everything so I just went to bed.  Last Monday I drove to Grand Prairie, Tx to pick up my new companion, Sister Horsburgh, from Australia yep she talks like Crocodile  Dundee so it's fun to listen to her. It was quite a ride down there had been a wreck & the freeway was backed up for miles, oh the joy of city living, but we made it down & back just fine. Have I told you how much I love the gps, oh I thank the Lord every night for it. We were out working this week when I got a call that Phyllis Jean needed a ride to the dr. so of course we dropped everything & went to help her. We had to pull her out on a cart with big steel wheels & then lift the cart & her in the back of the car but we got her there & back home, too much lifting for me, oh Phyllis Jean is an 80lb dog thought maybe I should clarify it's a dog not a person but either way she can't walk. However the owner treats her as one of her children. I always told Danny if there's reincarnation I want to come back as your dog but I've changed my mind I want to be Phyllis Jean. We had zone conference & I was touched by all the luggage, boxes, bikes & coats line up outside the church. They had transfers so the missionaries found out Monday night who was going & they had to take everything then they found out Tuesday afternoon where & with whom they'd be serving. Some were thrilled & some not so thrilled. It's such an awesome experience to be part of those young missionaries lives. Thirty of them were going home the next day & we were only getting 9 in so some areas will be closing down. One elder that was leaving that I met out in Allen came up & said, "Sister Putnam I love you" well let me tell you I love him cause he was the answer to one of my prayers one night when we were told we had to be out of our apartment the next morning. We had 42 stairs to pack all of my stuff & all of Sister Smith's down & load in our cars. He told us that he'd felt impressed to come out & check on that apartment not even knowing we were living there. The good Lord again answered my prayers. It's quite hard to get to know these young people then all of a sudden they are gone. He is from Germany so quite sure I'll not see him again but who knows. Someone told me that Christmas is this week wow where is the time going. My thought is from a Christmas card I received this week, "If our greatest need had been information, God would have sent us an educator. If our greatest need had been technology, God would have sent us a scientist. If our greatest need had been money, God would have sent us an economist. If our greatest need had been pleasure, God would have sent us an entertainer. But our greatest need was forgiveness, so God sent us a Savior.  -Roy Lessin. My scripture is Alma 36:24. Have a great night. Sister Putnam

Sunday, November 30, 2014

almost want to be a chicken

Well I've been churching since 11:00 & got through at 7 pm. It's been a very spiritual day & yes my cup is running over. I attended two wards 1st & 3rd it's rather fun to see how different each lesson is taught & the different approaches that the teachers take. Then 3rd ward Relief Society had their visiting teachers conference it was so so so good. The spirit was very strong & ended with our Bishop telling about his little brother that was killed by a train & how the Relief Society sisters rallying around & just took over their home till his mother could get back up on her feet & going again. I do have a strong testimony of this program as with all the programs in the church. After it ended I had the privilege of taking the bishop's wife home & staying with her for a few hours. She has Alzheimer's, she is only 52 or so & has had it for a few years. Oh the memories that was brought back to my mind as we were dealing with my own mother. It was a very tender time as we looked through her family photos over the past 5 years. I was reminded again very clear how we each have our own trials to bear & truly only through help from above can we get through them & come out being more humble & a better person than we were before. I know some of my own family is struggling right now with the same problems & my prayers, thoughts & my heart are always with them. This disease  is such a hard one as is any disease you are dealing with. I told my brother I've always felt there would be at least 2 of us siblings that would get it, he never said anything for a minute or two & then made this profound statement "Heck Con there might only be two of us that don't get it." As sad as it is, this made me laugh, who knows but we will all get through this life one way or another and I've been told this life is only a short time compared to the rest. Oh I know what you're thinking, that some days seem pretty dang long, yes I do have some pretty long days down here but they do pass. My thought this week is: some trials come through your own disobedience  or negligence. Other trials come because of the negligence of others or simply because this is a fallen world. When these trials come, the adversary's minions begin broadcasting that you did something wrong, that this is a punishment, a sign that Heavenly Father does not love you. Ignore that! Instead, try to force a smile, gaze heavenward, & say, "I understand, Lord. I know what this is. A time to prove myself, isn't it?" Then partner with Him to endure well to the end. My scripture: Deu 4: 30-31.
Ellen & I this summer in Texas & the neatest chicken coop I've ever seen. I loved to just stand & look, it almost makes me want to be their chicken.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Family Home Evening & Baseball

The  pictures from the last blog were from a family home evening in Mesquite about baseball so we all got a cap. Sister McCarthy gave the lesson it was very good. We had some great food, about 12 people or so, all in all it was a great evening. The other picture is the Sister's conference for all sisters in our zone it was a very spiritual meeting lasting all day. They served us brunch it was some good breakfast foods.  I attended institute today we learned about Paul & went through some of the letters he wrote. I'm learning so much that I didn't know now if I can just remember it all.  I tended  2 little boys the other day because the Mom has been on bed rest for the last 6 weeks the Relief Society has been taking in meals & watching the kids for 3 hours a day.  The oldest one which is 2 1/2 or 3 threw a royal fit cause his mom was going to the Dr. so I tried to pick him off the floor in front of the door so mom could get out & needless to say that was not a good idea for my neck & back. Out came the ice bags, my shocker, ibuprofen, a trip to the chiropractor and some serious praying but I think it's maybe working if I could just take a day or so off, nope none of that I have places to be & people to see. It was a gorgeous day with some beautiful colored leaves I seen on the way to Dallas. The temperature was up in the 60's so no one can complain about that. Just a quick note to tell ya about the pictures. May you catch your turkey & may you have someone to share it with.  Just a few more pictures from family home evening. The sister missionary & her husband our farmers from WA.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pennies From Heaven

Texas is getting some rain today, I got up early & walked 3 miles in  beautiful, gentle, warm rain it truly felt good & to make things even better I found another penny. I find a penny almost every time I walk. It makes me think of when we lived in SLC & I needed a little piece of country the Lord would place a magpie in my path & I would always think of home, it brought a little comfort to me. Now down here in Texas I haven't seen a magpie but when I need a little comfort I find a penny (mostly in the gutters) I always think of Pennies from Heaven, it makes me think of my heavenly home & wonder what it will be like, this also brings me peace, I guess I'm just weird or something. But I will take a little peace anywhere I can find it even if it is the gutter. I've had a great week of service, it's always good when you can serve someone. I was able to take some sisters out to lunch at Olive Garden yesterday to celebrate one's 70th birthday. She's had a rough life & has just been to trial with a son who was given 40 yrs now she has 3 behind bars & don't know where her 4th one is. She is also dealing with cancer but she's pretty well always happy & I love her. I believe in laughter & I had a call tonight from a dear friend & was able to have a good laugh which I needed. It felt good!!! Thanks for thinking of me & calling just at the right time. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week & I have so many invitations that I'm not sure what I'm doing, I know I can't possibly eat that much. Tonight I'm trying to decide which wards I'll attend tomorrow, I can go to any of 8 wards & I usually go to 2 wards at least in a Sunday. My thought for the week is, "the minute-Just a tiny little minute-Only sixty seconds in it; Forced upon me, Can't refuse it, Didn't seek it, Didn't choose it; But it's up to me to use it-Give account if I abuse it. Just a tiny little minute, But eternity is in it! --unknown.  Life is made up of lots of minutes & they slip by fast. Minutes turn into hours, days, weeks, months, years then one day we run out of minutes. My scripture is: Alma 36:3 (thanks Emma). Oh by the way we've been ask by our Mission President to memorize The Living Christ by Christmas so I extend the invitation & hope you can do it faster than I.  Have a great Thanksgiving & enjoy family, friends & your turkey.  Love Sister Putnam

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lord forgive me when I whine

Well I've moved again back to Plano where I was living before. Mesquite was another learning battle field. Poverty, divorce & just lots of heartaches.  For the first time I was a little nervous with our surroundings, I've never been in the ghettos before & it kind of makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  One of the saddest things I've seen since I've been in Tx.  A mother with 6 beautiful children, no food, no money, no husband, no job and no hope. She tried to end her misery a few weeks ago so she's pretty well at the end of her rope.  The sweet little 2 yr old brought me a book of Jesus & so I read it to her, the next little girl ask us if we had any candy we could give her, the next one said she really liked flavored bottled water so we went to the ghetto grocery store & done some shopping. We walked in & a policeman stood at the door, the windows were all barred up, the pop machines also had bars on them. I think we were the only white people in there & I defintly  felt out of place. People were starring at us. We took a bunch of groceries back to their home so at least they had a nice dinner for that night.  My heart was so heavy as we left I could hardly think & we still had some more sad visits to make, by the time our evening had come to an end I was physically, emotionally & mentally exhausted. I felt guilty to eat my small bowl of soup that night and I could hardly wait to fall into bed. All I could think was Father forgive me when I whine!!! Life sometimes just doesn't seem fair. I tried to put myself in that women's shoes & I could not even think of what I would do if I were in her place. As I knelt that night to say my prayers my heart was so full I could not even speak. We attended another Zone Conference today & it was so uplifting, I certainly needed my cup filled & I got just that. I love these young Sisters & Elders, they have such strong testimonies & oh how they can sing. I almost feel like the roof lifted up 2 inches or so. I met an elder today from London but now his family is in Salt Lake City as I visited with him he put his one leg on his other leg & I could see the bottom of his shoe, it had a great big hole in both of them. I never said anything then but after I went to him & ask him to come out of the chapel for a minute. I said, "Elder would you mind if I took a picture of the bottom of your shoe?" It was so funny to see the look on his face. I seen what it means to wear yourself out in the service of your fellowman. It is very cold here like down to 30 & that's cold for here. He doesn't want to get new ones cause he's going home.  I'm certainly counting my blessings this week. My thought : "One thing I know: The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought & found how to serve"...Albert Schweitzer.  My scripture is Moroni 10:32.  We've been learning a lot about grace.  Have a great tomorrow.  Sister Putnam

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I have wept in the night

Texas is beautiful right now with the weather just right, we were taking dinner to some people last night & the sunset was breathtaking as we drove along with the sliver of the moon getting bigger.  We stopped at the church for our English class that we're teaching, don't laugh I know I speak it so well a little lone teach it. I sure love this Spanish couple we teach, it's always a fun night. Last week we were out in Kaufman ward which is quit a long ways out in the boon docks, cattails or whatever you want to call it. I now have seen what it means to be dirt poor. It seemed the houses were at least 20 miles a part on dirt roads with potholes big enough to get lost in, it made Randolph roads look like freeways. We had put in 2 long hard days knocking on doors trying to find some lost souls, it was just about dark, we got back in the car when my companion asked, "what is that awful smell?"  well it was coming from the bottom of her shoes, she had stolen a big old dog poop smashed all over her shoes & my car. We found a place to pull over & proceeded to clean up the mess, I had a great laugh watching this experience, I would have helped her except I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad so I didn't dare move. All in all it was a great week with lots of contacts.  My heart is saddened this week with the tragic news from home, a young man killed in an auto accident. My thoughts & prayers are with the Weston family also the man that Danny welded with for many years passed away with cancer. Danny told me that he packed him the last 2 weeks that Danny worked at the mine because he just couldn't do his job so he holds a special place in my heart too.  I never got much sleep last night or tonight so thought I'd up date you on my life. My thought for this time, "I have wept in the night for the shortness of sight that to somebody's need made me blind; But I never have yet felt a tinge of regret for being a little to kind." My we all be a little kinder to each other this coming week & in the weeks to come. My scripture is Psalm 46: 1, have a great week!  Sister Putnam

Monday, October 13, 2014

hollow of His hand

Another week has rolled around & what a great week. The weather has cooled lots & it's even cold today. The wind blew, thunder & lightening, rain all last night, their thunder & lightening storms beats ours at home. I'm not very fond of their storms so far but we really do need the moisture it is dry. I'm packed up & ready to leave in the morning for Mesquite, Texas, I'll be there for a month or so then move back to Plano for a couple more months then who knows? There is a single sister down there who has been a lone for over a month so we'll each be spending some time alone. We'll all three split her apartment rent so it's not so hard on her & then we'll take turns going down there to live. I'm so glad I sent stuff home except we could now have used it in her apartment. I know she has dealt lots with cockroaches so here we go, she is thrilled to have another pair of hands to help terminate them. I know it's a poorer place than Plano so upward & onward & we'll see what's around the next bend. I love cockroaches compared to bedbugs which some of the missionaries have been dealing with a lot. I certainly do not want any bed companions sleeping with me. My heart was back home this past Sunday as my little great grand daughter was blessed & given the name Ollie Lynn Peart. She looked so beautiful on some pictures I was able to see. I don't usually like technology but in this case it sure was fun to see what was going on with the family. Thanks to all of you out there who made my heart skip a beat as I received some letters & a package, I truly do appreciate it a lot. I'm leaving my address the same for now so I'll just pick my mail up when I get to Plano or we meet at conferences. It's kind of hard to leave my new found Celestial home but I will bloom where I'm planted. May the roads rise with you, and the wind be always at your back. And may the Lord hold you in the hollow of His hand-- I took this off a plaque I seen this week, my scripture is Moroni 10:4. Love ya all & think of ya often...sister Putnam

Monday, October 6, 2014

Keeper of a lighthouse

Well another daughter's birthday & our baby of 42 yrs, again I'm reminded of how fast time does fly by & if we're not careful we'll miss some of it. Conference was so good we were able to go to the church for all the sessions. I noticed that the Women's Conference the weekend before started the sessions of General Conference. I so enjoyed the talks, the prayers that were offered and the music was very uplifting in all the meetings. My hope is that we were all able to fill our cups up with a renewed attitude to do our very best we can, we're all in different seasons of our lives but no matter what season if we live the way we know we should our lives would be easier. We had another great institute class this morning & study John chapter 20. There were things brought out that I'd never thought about. May you have a very great week doing the things you need to do & added a little time for the Lord in your busy world. My thought "Imagine yourself as the keeper of a lighthouse. It is nighttime & the sky is black. The wind is cold and strong with the scent of rain. Waves crash against the shore. You know that off in the distance there is one ship, maybe more, searching for the safety of your harbor. They need your bright light as they steer through treacherous waters. The beam from your beacon will guide them safely home." Melissa Merrill, New Era 2011. I wonder how many stranded people that our light might help back to our heavenly home safely. Take care & happy birthday Sandra. My scripture is John 20:27. Sister Putnam

Friday, October 3, 2014

As I count my blessings

My, here it is almost another 2 weeks has past since I updated. We really are kept busy I'm so ready to fall into bed at nights & just meditate & ponder on the things of our day. There are a lot of heart aches that come with divorces, lack of funds, sickness and not keeping the commandments. A heavy price is paid by someone here on this earth, that makes my mind go to our Savior who paid the ultimate price with His life for each one of us but we have to turn to him in order for it to work. The atonement has a greater meaning to me as I'm learning more about Christ & his gospel I pray that I may be able to continue to just understand a small portion of it. I'm able to attend an institute class on Monday mornings for one & a half hours, we have such a good teacher (he is one of the speakers at education week in Provo). We've been studying the last few days of Christ's life on earth & the crucifixion. That sure does pull on your heart strings. He talked about the most sad time of it all was he was a lone at the end even asking his Father "where art thou?" I talked to the leader at the end when everyone else had left & told him my feelings. I believe there comes a time when we leave mortality for immortality when we have to do it alone even though we were with Danny at the end he had to leave himself. The words to a song that says, you have to walk that lonesome valley, you have to do it by yourself, oh no one else can do it for you, that has a whole different meaning to me at this point in my life. Yes, I know there are those on this side & those on the other side but there must be a mountain or valley or some distance in between when we leave & when we get there. Enough of that but it was food for thought for me & brought back some memories of my husband, father & mother whom I was privileged to be with as they left this earth & what a spiritual experience with all of them. The moon is getting bigger each night & so beautiful even in Texas. Isn't this world we live in so beautiful? I thank the Lord each day for the beauties around me as I count my blessings. My thought is an Native American Prayer: we ask for strength & Thou gives us difficulties, which make us strong. We ask for wisdom & Thou send us problems & the solutions develop wisdom. We plead for prosperity & Thou gives us dangers & obstacles to overcome. We ask for favors & Thou gives us the space to develop opportunities. Therefore, great God, we ask Thee to bless & assist us according to Thy desire & will. My scripture D&C 78:18 & 19. Love Sister Putnam

Sunday, September 21, 2014

birthday girl so glad you were born to us

Scares on the surface

Yesterday was our daughters birthday, can't believe she's 46 & that's exactly where I was just yesterday. I looked at my hands yesterday & thought to myself wow they look like an old woman's hands, then a peek in the mirror that night I realized I am getting there. I'm so thankful the dear Lord let me stay just a bit longer here on this earth. A couple of nights ago we attended the 3rd ward's temple night a dear sister was sitting in the front seat with me & sister Smith was in the back seat, the light was green so we weren't slowing down any, there was a car to my left when I noticed him stopping so I slowed & stopped farther in the intersection than the car to my left when a car came through the red light going at least 45 or 50 it never even tried to stop, we were within inches & I know I'd never have lived through that & probably not the other sister in the front seat either. I seen the headlines flash through my mind, in the newspaper headlines reading, two sisters killed in a t bone car crash one from Utah the other from Plano Tx. I sat for a moment in the middle of the intersection as did the other car & heard the phone call to my daughters. Do you know Connie Putnam? We are sorry to have to tell you that she was killed in an auto accident tonight. We experience so many things in a life time which was brought to my attention this week when I received a small package from my niece, inside was another heart shaped rock which she has sent me quite a few beautiful heart shaped rocks over the last 5 years. Her note read, thinking of you this morning, on my walk, I wished for a heart shaped rock to send you I found some extremely imperfect ones, which made me think, we don't all have perfect hearts and...I suppose we can't be too critical when we are trying our best. I finally spotted a plump heart shaped rock, it looks like it is bursting with love. It has some scares on the surface from a lifetime of getting ran over by trucks, graters & cattle trailers. That's sort of how each of our hearts are, scares from a lifetime of experiences. What a lesson & I've pondered all week on my own heart & came up with, sometimes its so soft, tender & so full of charity, other times it's hard almost like it has a shell around it to protect it from being bumped, hurt or damaged. This week for a moment take a look at your own heart & the lifetime of scares it has on it then hopefully we can all fill our own hearts with a little more love & charity for others. I know my own heart is full of gratitude & thankfulness for a little more time to finish up some unfinished work I have. I guess you could say I have some matters unorganized. Last week brought to the surface of my mind just how fast our life can be over & how truly precious it is. Lets all try a little harder to make each day count & do something good in our world today. The thought I received this week & have pondered it "One dreamed of becoming somebody. Another remained awake and became." The scripture is D&C 84:36-38. I want each one of you out there family, friend or acquaintance to know I love you & am so thankful to have had our lives cross paths with each other, I've learned from each one of you & thank you for your friendship. Have a great week & love one another...Sister Putnam

Saturday, September 13, 2014

stumbled across my strength

Life is moving pretty fast here in Texas this week. Had a great zone conference & I've defintly come to love the young Elders & Sisters in our zone. They are great young people & take good care of us older ones, well Sister Smith & myself. Some of these missionaries have been going home & it makes your heart just a little sad. We traveled on down to Arlington, Texas today for Time Out For Women just trying to refill our cups. We had tickets for last night but had to cancel for a talent show that my companion sang in. One thing that stood out to me was, think what you're praying for. Is it to be an instrument in God's hands or should we be praying to be in tune with the Lord. I had the honor of taking one completely blind lady & sitting with another almost blind lady at the dinner & talent show. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be blind, I closed my eyes for a bit last night & couldn't see on my plate what I was eating. We visit them each week & can only hope we make their dark world just a little brighter. I love my other companion Sister Telford & knows she would understand them well. They all 3 light up my world. We had taken a couple of ladies out to lunch for ones 84th birthday. One of the ladies is my dear black lady friend I've grown to love her so much, she just makes me laugh brings a spark to my day or you could say adds some spice to my life. We've done lots of visits this past week & met with some great sisters some with great testimonies & others is a little weak but love them all the same. I was able to visit one young lady who is going to have her 2nd baby, she's a member but her husband is not. I just go to her myself upon her request, it was her birthday also last week I stopped them off a pizza for supper. She's such a delight & pray that I may become better acquainted with her that we may learn & grow together as sisters in the gospel. The sweet lady I live with ask me if I was a little sad? No just a little tired, she just shows up in my room with a Ben & Jerry's small ice cream cup & said, "It's a long time till we can eat tomorrow night" thanks Marjean you're a sweetheart. Well I'll wrap up my week with a thought I seen, I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength. I'm just pondering it still but it's food for thought for the week. My scripture this week is Matt 7:7-8 just working on this also. Love ya all & pray for the blessings ya stand in need of... Sister Putnam

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cooled down to 95 today

Well its cooled down to just 95 so that don't feel too bad. When it gets to 100 or over its pretty warm & pretty miserable but only when you're getting from point a to point b. I might add the steering wheel is dangerously hot to touch. I've seen some pictures of some rain you've been getting WOW! We could sure use some in good old Texas it's very dry. I don't really know how to thank you for the very nice birthday I had so many cards, money, gift cards & love sent my way, even 3 beautiful different colored sunflowers & a half dozen yellow roses now that shocked the socks right off me. I've never had a birthday quite like this one. I just like mine to sneak on by quietly. The lady we live with said "You just can't have that many family & friends." I've read & reread all the cards so very nice of you also all the phone calls & happy birthday songs, sure do miss those familiar voices. A very dear lady from Hong Kong fixed a very nice dinner then out came a cake & candles not sure how she found out it was my birthday. Ya'll are so very kind thank you lots. My thoughts are back home today with the Putnam Mills reunion I think it's been over 50 years that I've been going to them & it kind of gets in your blood. I'll bet even Elder Dyson Barkers thoughts are up Woodruff Creek also this weekend. Love all you family members & friends that meet up there every year & share the memories with us. We've just come from the temple today we've been doing some names for a lady here we got all the women done & just have a few men left. I can't believe all the people we've met that have connections to Utah either they've lived there or one of their family members still live there it's always fun to run into people from Utah. We've had another good week meeting new people & some we will visit each month. One of them has had MS for the last 40 years, she was born & raised in Ogden Utah her husband left her & she lives with her daughter. We visit quite a few people weekly who have diseases, blindness or some other problem mentally or physically. I think of the song Count Your Blessings Name Them One By One as we leave them each week & I give a quick thank you LORD each time for the privilege of being able to visit them. They teach me so much & especially a good attitude as you endure your trials to the end (cheerfully). We have a full day tomorrow starting at 7:15 & going till 4 then I have dinner so I've tried to prepare some today. We are having a cottage meeting tomorrow night also each missionary & ward missionary has invited some inactive & non members so hopefully it will happen. Brother Hogi is giving the lesson on Joseph Smith so it should be well worth their time. We took two dear sisters from one of our wards to lunch had a great visit about the temple I think we may have planted a seed sure hope so, they are angels one has never been married is in her 40's her brothers have been on missions & she's been a member all her life, she is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. The other lady has been married 6 or 7 times but is single now. She's had a tough life including a car wreck at 22 that took her leg off above the knee she was baptized 4 yrs ago. I truly love these woman & pray they will go to the temple & find the peace that is inside. Well enough for this week so I'll leave ya all a thought "One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder" --The Good Vibe. My scripture is 1John 1:5-10, I love light even the moon but especially the light of CHRIST because I have learned that peace comes from that light. I love ya all & miss Ya all but know I'm where I'm supposed to be at this time in my life. See ya when the roses bloom ...Sister Putnam

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rainbow in someone elses cloud

Well one of those nights when sleep won't come so thought I'd write down some of my feelings. It's been a great week where you just accomplish a lot. I love missionary work & helping people it's not much different than what we all do except we are able to spend a lot more time just focusing on that. We've met so many awesome people who are down on their luck or just struggling with something, or just need the light of the gospel in their lives. One of my highlights was a sweet lady from China who we have eaten dinner with in her meager apartment before. She has no table, she don't turn her lights on, little money but she told us as were visiting her that she just fixes soups to eat during the week so she can save money to buy groceries to fix other people stuff that she takes to them. Her non member daughter takes her & her friend to the temple each Tuesday. The temple makes her so happy, she is such a good example to me of humility. We are in such a nice home compared to some of the places we've been & I so appreciate it. The Lord has blessed us many times since arriving in Texas. I know all the prayers coming my way has also helped ease some of the stress & I thank you ever so much. A mission is like anything else in life it takes a lot of help from other people & especially the Lord to make it through. We only hope we can make just a little difference in someone's life. I've been really studying the scriptures in Alma 5:26-33 & it's making my life better. Now for a few picturesRhonda gave me the school picture & we laughed I'm the only one with pants on in it then we took some pictures of Jane Schulthess, Rhonda Cox & myself & I'm the only one with a dress on. My time does change things. The dog now was a different story, I've never had to diaper a dog before & it was a big job but all in a days work. The covered wagon picture was a ward party & the other picture I was ready to retire for the day. Have a great rest of the night, study Alma and I leave you with this thought sent to me this week. "Be the rainbow in someone's cloud" love ya all! Sister Putnam

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's good to be back!!!

this is one of our rooms in the last 3 months. Just like motel 6 the light is always on. We are in the Hilton finally it took us a few moves but we made it. Probably just in time for transfers ha ha or who knows. I've learned so much in the last 6 weeks that I couldn't begin to write it. Logan is helping refresh my computer skills again so I'm just practicing. I haven't had a computer for quite awhile and it's not like riding a bike once you learn you never forget. Have a great night I'm ready for bed, we've been in church since 8 am attended 4 wards today. Sweet dreams & goodnight. It's good to be back on the blog. Sister Putnam

Sunday, July 6, 2014

We went to Fort Worth last Monday on p day we had so much fun learning about the history of Texas including the Swift & Armor meat packing plants that made Ft Worth famous will besides Willie Nelson. They were sitting up all kinds of tents & shade equipment for his big 4th of July picnic. We seen Billy Bobs on the tour we were on. We seen a long horn drive that was fun to watch other people watching the cattle. I had fun walking the cat walks above the stockyards and oh yes, we had a big Texas steak that was so good, some of us helped the beef industry out. We went with 2 other sisters & we enjoyed their company they leave on the 4th of Aug so they're about done (bitter sweet). We meet with a over 65 single group for family home evening tomorrow night it's always a fun night. Hope all is well out your way & that your 4th holiday was relaxing & enjoyable. My thought for the week was one Danny & I read in 2009 hanging on a wall in Evanston, Wy. "Our lives are not determined by what happens to us. But how we react to what happens. Not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst--- a spark that creates extraordinary results...POWER OF ATTITUDE. Yesterday our Mission Pres told me to read Ephesians 1:10 & to study each word in it, so that scripture I will pass on to each one of you. Have a great week and oh happy birthday to my granddaughter Savannah Jane sure do love you & miss you but thanks for the letter. Sister Putnam

Saturday, July 5, 2014

One year later

Tonight my heart, mind & soul are with memories of one year ago at 9:45 when Danny left this earth for somewhere better. I never dreamed I'd be watching the sunset in Texas just one year later. Wow what a ride life gives you. Thanks Putter for all the memories some fun ones & some not so fun but all good. We did it you endured to the end & you endured it well. We had zone conference to met our new mission president today. Opening song was "How Great Thou Are" now that song is near & dear to my heart. Danny loved to hear Cay Cox sing that song with no piano. It brought some tears to my eyes then we had a wonderful day each missionary went up & shook the Pres & Sister Taylor's hand. Then each one stood & told why they loved Pres & Sister Durrant. There were over 100 missionaries & that is just one zone. He told about setting an Elder Larson apart for his mission a few months ago & now Elder Larson is one of the APs that picked them up at the airport. What's the chances of that. After our meeting we went on to the temple & finished filling up our cups. It's been a great week with lots of stuff going on. We've met quite a few new people & some pretty sad stories. We were told by a couple of different eople to not come back so that's rather hard to swallow but another day & another door. We went to a patriotic pops concert yesterday & went to a retirement center for a hot dog, it tasted so good. We took a dear sweet lady from there to the concert with us. She plays trivia with us each week, not a member but so fun & she just lost her husband of 67 yrs in March. The music was great & so was the people waving their flags & singing. I love this great land we live in & yes, I'm proud to be an American. One year later has brought some major changes in my life along with everyone else. I love life & I love my Heavenly Father and I'm so thankful for all my many blessings & I'm so glad that He knows what's best for me. Have a good night I'm sleepy so better get to bed for it leaves. I'll write more tomorrow...Sister Putnam

Monday, June 30, 2014

A beautiful daughter of God

I met this dear lady at a baptism of her friend's daughter. A few years ago she started getting sick after a long time they discovered she had carbon monoxide poison from driving her car with a faulty exhaust system around for a year n half. She's in a wheelchair forever with lots of problems physically but it hasn't damaged her spirit. I thank my Heavenly Father that our paths crossed for a brief moment in time. I was able to visit with her for a little while, she taught me so much in a short time. She is from Ok with 3 children. Her oldest boy couldn't take his mom getting sick so left home.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Touch somebody's life

Well so sorry I've tried to post some new pictures but can't seem to get the job done so onward & upward, its been a busy week, we've done a lot of knocking on doors, asking questions. I guess you can probably tell I'm out of my comfort zone however I'm praying really hard that this will get easier for me. We went to a zone conference with Pres & Sister Durrant for the last time, they left on Saturday for their home in Provo or the surrounding area. They taught us how to share the gospel in 3 minutes now that was great. We had to take turns teaching the other senior missionaries there. Hey now I can almost remember how to do this. The new president took over on Saturday his name is President Taylor & he also played ball at BYU, we haven't met him yet. It was fun to get together with all the senior missionaries some couples but quite a few single sisters. Some of these sisters are getting pretty close to going home. Tomorrow 4 of us single sister missionaries are going to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the day. This is someplace that Pres. Durrant told us to go see. He told us a few must see while we're in Texas places so we can cross one off of our list. Yes it is P Day!! Had a great Sabbath day starting at meetings at 7:30, 8:30 & 9:00 all in different wards. It was our report back to the Bishops. Then we attended all our meetings in 1st ward then drove a sister home & went to another ward to listen to some other sister missionaries give the Relief Society lesson. I haven't cried for quite awhile but the spirit got to me today & I did shed a few tears. It was a great lesson on service to others & it might be the person sitting right next to us that needs us. They are getting ready to go home on the 4th of Aug & they're getting a little teary. I love these 2 sisters one from Blackfoot Id, the other from Redmond Washington. They have taught me a lot since I landed in Texas, not just about the work but about life. They have been a blessing in my life. Had a great day at Minnie's Food Pantry & so great to go to the temple this week & ran into Rhonda again. But the highlight of my week was meeting up with Ellen here in Plano on our last p day. We was able to have lunch together & did a little shopping. We talked about just 2 months ago never dreaming we'd be together in Texas. I love our grandkids lots as does every grandparent. Danny's last aunt on his Dad's side passed away this week, I was able to go visit her in April before I left, she told me she was ready to go, I told her if she seen Danny before I did to give him a message from me. I guess she'll see him before me. My thought for the week "I don't think you ever stop giving. I think its an ongoing process & it's not just about being able to write a check. It's about being able to touch somebody's life."...Oprah Winfrey. Have a great 4th of July & yes my thoughts will be back home with ya'll. Sister Putnam

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My first pictures I've posted from Texas

This is the Stuart family in Frisco Tx, had a short fun visit & Sammi gave me this picture of Putter & me by the looks it was many moons ago, it brought a few tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for the picture I needed it on this particular day. Love you guys & thanks for the hugs... A hug a day keeps the doctor away. Logan is just teaching me to post pictures. Thanks for your patience.

getting ready to leave for TX

Maud & Emmalee right before I left for Texas

Trying to get Pictures Working

Saturday, June 21, 2014

For the road to heaven

What a week, it's so hard to believe how fast the weeks roll by even in Texas. I so want to be diligent in my calling & magnify it to my very best but some days that's pretty hard. My dear companion is so wanting to preach the gospel, baptize & find more. Sometimes I feel like we're a little too pushy for my liking. We've just been finding people for Bishops to see if they're still living at the address or if they've moved & just visit with them but her visiting is a bit different than mine. I guess it's a good thing we're all different. She don't really need a companion cause she likes to do all the talking so I just try & keep aware of my watch & the time, then I have to shut it down or it could go on all night, she gets mad at me but oh well. I'm trying to be a good companion but she's lots different than my companion that I had for 45 years. Trust me I'm learning a whole lot of stuff that I've never had to learn before. On the other hand I love the gospel & I feel bad for the Lord to be perfect & then have to work with so many imperfect people, it must be frustrating to say the least. I also love the people down here they are so kind. A week ago we were in getting a little ice cream when an Asian man went up to the counter & paid for our ice cream, he wasn't a member but was so nice. A lady from Hong Kong that I met a few weeks ago call & wanted us to come for lunch so of course we went. I have to tell you it was the best steak, salad with the biggest shrimp I've ever seen, baked beans & fruit. The steaks made me homesick for our friends & the many times we'd get together with good steaks & food. That was Putter's saying good food, good family & good friends. I've been a little homesick this week cause I knew it was the Woodruff car show & Danny was determined to walk all the way around it last year, it took its toll on him but he didn't care. He wanted to take the Ragtop & I couldn't get his wheelchair in it. We then went on up to Evanston to Helen Burns memorial & he sang along with a tape to Kris Kristopher's song, "What have I ever done to deserve even one of the blessings I've known" then he said, "That's my new song" so we played it at the cemetery the day of his burial, I looked up in the sky and there was one lone Vulture flying high above the pine tree. It brought a smile to my face because he'd told me to get the gun & shoot them if they fly around our house. What's the chances one would be flying just at that time? We have a big day tomorrow starting at a priesthood meeting at 6 am that all the missionaries are suppose to be to, then we have a pec meeting in another ward & 2 wards to attend their meetings & dinner at 5:oo pm with a dear lady who we might live with after the other sister missionaries leave in August, but who knows. Well that's just a little going through my mind today so I thought it might be good for me to write it down. The high light of my week was we got to meet Cindy, Sammi, Parker Stuart, Maxine & Carol Garrison in Frisco Tx. We had an ice cream, visited for around an hour, then yes we had to say goodbye. Have to say it was rather hard to see them leave but it was just what I needed that day. A hug from each one of them will get me through some more hard days. I love the Lord & His goodness to me in my life, I've had such a good life that I could never begin to repay Him a little lone His Atonement for me. Thanks for the letters & cards they really do help on those difficult days. My thought for this week, "For the road to heaven, turn right & go straight...daily calendar. Happy birthday to my sweet Emmalee...Sister Putnam

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happiness is an inside job

I've been on a roller coaster ride for the last 2 weeks, my companion was transferred to Mesquite Tx so we packed her up & I took a load for her & then I helped my new companion unload her stuff & haul them all back up 15 stairs then 1 week later we moved from there hauling everything back down 15 stairs to Allen Tx & up 40 stairs. Now my new companion is 77 yrs old so that's a lot of stairs for her & me. I'm getting muscles in the back of my legs that look like Popeye's arms. I miss seeing the fireflies but our apartment faces west so I can watch the sunsets & they are beautiful. Also I can watch the planes coming in to land at the Dallas Fortworth airport. I enjoy spending a little time out there in the evenings. Finally last week we were able to do some missionary work. We are working in 3 new wards with Bishops, Relief Society pres & Mission leaders finding people who are less active or have been lost. That was quite an experience but met some great people & got to visit with lots of different nationalities. I truly love that. We went to family home evening with a Martinez family, such a great family the mom is straight from South Korea & the father from Mexico, their children are beautiful the one daughter is going to BYU this fall so they are going to Utah. His immediate family all live in SLC now. They were both missionaries & are very active in the gospel. I went to pec meeting in a new ward they ask where I was from I said, "Randolph Utah" they wondered if I knew any McKinnon's or Thompson's, this is almost getting comical cause every ward I've gone to someone knows someone I know, it really is a small world. A family here just left to go to their cabin on Bear Lake for the summer months. We haven't had internet for about 3 weeks so I'm a little behind. Sure do love you all & think of home lots but I am trying to bloom where I'm planted. I do love the people in Texas & the church is the same everywhere. I'm getting better with my directions only because I bought a better gps I still don't know my directions but I have gained some faith in the gps. I'm getting pretty good well better with all this technology. My thought "Happiness is an inside job. Sweet dreams...Sister Putnam

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The roses are wilting

I wrote this post on Danny's birthday but the computer quite working so I couldn't post it. If there's birthdays in heaven I hope he had a great one & was able to spend it with family & friends. Just a little note I sent to heaven to tell him happy birthday & hope it was a good one, pain free. We planted a tree for him last year on his special day & it lived through the winter. Well my companion was transferred on Monday so I took a load for her to Mesquite Texas that is & I followed my new companion back. It was a very tiring day with lots of lugging, it made me think of Putter, he would say when he got married his vows said, "I promise to love, honor, cherish & lug for the rest of my life & needless to say he done plenty of it. I sure miss him cause the house I'm living in needs lots of stuff done & Danny always done that STUFF for me. I've had to toughen up & I've done a little bit of everything believe me. Life is good & we're starting to meet lots of people. I was able to give the lesson in Relief Society with my companion. I started & told just a bit about where I was from. I said a small town in northern Utah, someone ask what the name of the town was? I said, "Randolph" I heard someone say "oh you might know my aunt & uncle." I said probable so, well it was Jane & Glade Hatch. It's getting quite funny cause everywhere we've went pretty well I've known someone they knew. My companion said Randolph is the littlest big place I've heard of. We've been able to visit lots of sick people this week & one with Hospice dying it brought back some raw memories. I had a nice chat with the son who is an only child & not a member but his mom is. We went to the temple last night with the Plano 9th Ward sisters. It was a great night, we've been able to go once a week so I'm learning a lot about life in the big city & among non members & with new companions. I was so excited to get a letter from Elder & Sister Huffaker, it was great cause Chuck had done the writing, I think, & drew a picture of Elder & Sister Huffaker it looks really good. It sure did make my day!! Well it's finally cooling down till it's just a little stream running down your back instead of a river (sweat). I just walked outside & seen a sliver of a moon I'm so thankful for that. Have a great evening & the roses are wilting here. They all tell me just wait until July & August...if I think it's hot now.. One of my favorite scriptures is Matt 11:28-30. Sister Putnam

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Feed just one

I had a wonderful day on Monday, Sister Baxter, Sister Hulse & myself drove to the Arlington Cemetery outside of Dallas Tx. a ways. We went to the program at 11:00 so beautifully done. Loved the big choir, the big band, the speeches, then they read the all the names off that are in the cemetery & laid a rose in which ever division they served in for the families to take. They had the 21 gun salute done with cannons & concluded with taps done with a bagpipe. I love this country we live in & the many freedoms we enjoy each day that someone has paid a dear price for us. I walked up & down lots of rows & read their names & the messages that was wrote on the headstones. Served at Minnie's Food pantry again I dearly love doing that & look forward to it each week, guess that has took the place of picking up garbage. Texas is a pretty clean state. Went to the temple on Friday & soaked up the spirit. We were asked to give the Relief Society lesson today in a different ward than we've been going to. I give the first part of it so I was telling a little bit about me & where I was from I said, "A small town in northern Utah someone ask, "What is the name of it, I said, Randolph Utah, A lady then said, "My Aunt & Uncle live there you might know them. I said, "There's a pretty good chance of it, well it turned out to be Glade & Jane Hatch. My companion figures Randolph is the smallest, biggest place she's ever heard of. Lot's of places we've been to either knows someone I know or passed through there on there way somewhere else. It's almost getting funny cause it's happened a lot. Well the Elders usually get to wait 6 weeks for a transfer but not us. Sister McCarthy, my companion is leaving in the morning for Mesquite Texas, & my new companion is from Florida, Sister Smith. She has just had breast cancer & gone through chemo. My thought, if you can't feed a 100 people then feed just one--Mother Teresa. Love ya all & have a great week. Sister Putnam

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thank God & our Soldiers

I've seen a few rain storms in my life but I don't know if I ever seen it like it rains in Texas, they say everything is bigger in Texas & that would be true for the rain drops too. We only had 3 houses to pass from the church house before we are at home & I couldn't even keep my feet in my shoes & we were soaked clear through. Of course we forgot our umbrellas. It's pretty hard to keep track of an umbrella when you've never used one in your whole entire life. It was quite funny the first time I went to use mine I didn't even know what knob to push but I know now. Well I love the fireflies at night it almost looks like sparklers flying around on the lawns. We walked for 2 miles the other night & seen 2 bunnies, they're not as cute as the ones out home. There was a squirrel killed in front of our house yesterday, I walked out to my car this morning & I thought I was in Randolph a huge black bird was cleaning up the squirrel remains, I know it has to be related to the vultures in Randolph it looked like a grandpa vulture. I decided to wait for a while I didn't want him to pack me off somewhere else (I just got my address learned). We had lunch yesterday at our Mission President's home & met the other sister missionaries with our same calling. There are 8 sisters around the Texas area, they did the pilot program on this kind of a mission out here in Plano Texas & that is the two sisters we will replace in August, they're going home. We've gone with them a lot & certainly learned from them. After lunch we went to the temple & soaked up the spirit, all in all it was a great day. I know there's a lot going on at home this weekend & my thoughts keep drifting towards home but tomorrow we are going to a big memorial cemetery for the military, I'm looking forward to that. However my heart will be in the Randolph Cemetery & with Putter. I have felt his presence here with me a few times since I've been out here. I sure do love & miss him lots, I can't believe its almost been 11 months in a way it seems like a life time & in another way seems like yesterday. One thing we can depend on is that time just keeps moving on & fast. It's p day tomorrow so better get to bed. My thought for the week, "We haven't forgotten GOD or the SOLDIER, who are the brave, those who served unknown. I thank the men & women past, present & future who gave their time & some their lives for my freedom & I thank God for the experience of coming to earth & for providing a way for us to return back to His presence. I love our Savior...Sister Putnam

Sunday, May 18, 2014

running on roof tops

It's been a little cooler in Texas this week & rather enjoyable. My highlight this week was attending the temple & getting to visit with my friend Rhonda for about 5 minutes but it was so great to see a friend from younger days. This is the first temple I've been to that isn't on a hill, I couldn't even see it until we pulled in the parking lot. My other highlight was working in Minnie's Food Pantry for 3 hours, it was great to work & know you are helping someone who needs help. It was a great experience. Now here in Texas there are plenty of squirrels with bushy tail running everywhere including on top of the roofs, you almost have to pack a stick when you go walking to get them off the sidewalks. I have to say they are a bit prettier than our squirrels out home, they look like they've been to the beauty parlor. I was able to watch a full moon as we were driving home from Dallas the other night & want you all to know I was thinking of you back home & how much I love you & thank you for everything you've done for me over a life time. Went to a talent show at the ward Friday night the Elders played the piano so beautiful & Nathan (the son where we live) played his violin with one of the elders on the piano so touching. I couldn't think of a talent I could do so I just listen to the rest. My blessing said "I have many hidden talents" so I'm trying to discover some of them but haven't found them YET. Congratulations to all the track team from Rich High last week end at State. It's great to hear you all done well. Well I better get ready for Sacrament Meeting & go pertake of the spirit. My thought for the week: "Storms make trees take deeper roots"--Dolly Pardon. I believe it works the same for people also...Sister Putnam

Sunday, May 11, 2014

First week in Dallas Texas

Well my first week in the mission field as a full time missionary was a mighty HOT one. I must say to feel a little snow right now would feel mighty good but I will survive & bloom where I'm planted. Thanks to Danalee & Sandra for driving out with me & having a little girl time, oh yes, thanks to their husband & kids for holding down the fort while their moms were away. We have officially a place to lay our heads down at night. We are living with OZZIE who is a wonderful, kind & gracious lady. She is not a member of our church but she goes to church & we went with her today. She has two children Cristina 12 & Nathan 14. We helped her with a birthday party last night for a lady they all call MOMA, yes her favorite cake is a carrot one so I baked my first carrot cake in good old Texas. I was scared cause I didn't know if the altitude would make it bake different. It was fun to meet some of Ozzie's friends, quite a delightful night. Well my first time at church a man came up to me & said, "You're from Randolph Utah, you might know my niece, Nancy Weston." Now what is the chance of that happening? He felt like family so good to run into someone that knows someone you know. Well better get to bed so I can get up in the morning & study. Studying does not come easy for me. My thought for the week is: when we've done everything we can, God does everything we can't. I'm certainly relying on that. Have a great week & know I love you all...Sister Putnam

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bowl of three minute noodles

Wow!!! Dallas Texas is a BIG city, we drove in at 9pm last night on the interstate with construction everywhere, lights flashing all over the place & three tired women who couldn't wait to get in bed but we made it safe & sound. The Sheraton Hotel was the first hotel we could find so we stopped & dropped but first the toilet wouldn't flush so we had to call for help, Dana & I hurried & jumped in bed so Sandra had to do the dirty work. It wasn't all that great for the money but at that time we didn't care, we were off the interstate & spaghetti bowels. This place & their spaghetti bowls makes Salt Lake look like a small bowl of three minute noodles. I had an awesome week at the MTC & learned so much & found out I know very little about lots of things. There were so many people with 300 coming in on Wednesday that was all young Elders & Sisters. It was so fun to watch them at meal time. Thanks to everyone for all your support & help in getting me on my way. Sunday morning early I rode up west of Randolph, found a little stream & just sat down in the silence & listened to the birds singing. I figured that might be the last silence I would hear for awhile & now I'm pretty sure of it. We meet our mission president tomorrow morning & then move our stuff in to a non members house in Plano TX. I brought lots of kitchen stuff from home cause they told us we had to get our own apartment, oh well I've learned already to adapt to change cause I think that's going to happen a lot. The lady we are living with is from Ethiopia with 2 children & divorced. We will be staying with her till August & then we will move into another lady's home for the rest of our mission, of course things can change. Well love you all & could sure use your prayers. A thought we seen on a sign on our way to Texas...Satan subtracts & divides God adds & multiplies...cp

Sunday, April 27, 2014

bags are packed...

Well my bags are packed & I'm ready to leave tomorrow morning at 8:00 for Provo Utah & a week at the MTC. I'll try & catch you up on what's going on in my life a little later. I've been set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after our Stake Conference today. Everything is going so fast, it seems like a blur. I've been trying real hard to learn all this new technology before I leave. My thought for today is...Your future is not determined by the circumstances around you but by your faith to make your unknown cp

Friday, April 18, 2014

Texas Dallas Mission

Wow!!!What a whirlwind I've been in the last few months. Just in case you haven't heard yet I'm going on a mission to the Dallas Texas mission, leaving on April 28th for the MTC in Provo. Sorry I've been a little slow in updating but hopefully I'll get a bit better. I've been to doctors, shots, lots of paper work & just pretty well a little bit of everything. I'm turning 65 this year so I've been dealing with medicare & that's lots of papers in & of its self. Life has treated me well the last few months & everything is just finally falling into place for me. I've dealt with dear old Satan & trying to keep him off my back. But maybe he's been busy with me & left you guys alone. Our daughter is moving into our home for 2 yrs so we've been moving me out, moving them in. The dear Lord had one more big full moon for me the other night & I soaked it all in. There's just not much like the moon in Randolph or even better Woodruff Creek. I'm trying to soak every little thing in so when I'm homesick I'll have some memories. Thanks to all who came to church on Sunday, the choir was so beautiful, I almost thought I'd died & went to heaven. I finished up the program with a few thoughts of my own. Thanks also to the ones who brought food for the dinner. So very kind of you & you are all greatly appreciated. My thought for tonight...I have found that helping others is the fastest way for me to let go of my troubles, and feel the unknown. Please know I haven't forgotten you & I'll try & do better. Love cp

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take Time

Time just seems to slip away from me & I truly don't know where it is going. It's girls state basketball this week in Richfield. I was going down with Pearts but I didn't feel to great these morning when we were leaving so I opted not to go. I watched it on the computer, the first game was rather nerve racking but we ended up winning by 4 pts. I've been working on taxes this week & hopefully will get them wrapped up soon cause I have a tax appointment next week in Logan. For some reason I just don't like tax season however, I used to cause Danny & I always went over on President's Day to do them. We'd go the night before & stay, eat & play for a night. I had the day off from the bank, he'd take it off, that was our one date a year. It was fun & we used to get a little back but now it's pay. The United States is still the greatest nation in my eyes anyway. I'm glad to pay my share. I went out the other night with some ladies & we went over to the lake for supper. We shared a sweetheart special...Steak, lobster, salad, potato & dessert. It was so good & I just have to say it's been a lot of years since I've had lobster & it was mighty fine. It was Valentines weekend so it was a great meal & no we don't always eat that kind of a meal. It was a night of great food & so fun to be with friends. We've been having some problems around town with flooding, it's so fun to see people helping people that's what life is all about. My thought: Take Time...take time to helps bring God near & washes the dust of earth from your eyes. Take time for friends...they are the source of happiness. Take time for is the price of success. Take time to is the sourse of power. Take time to is the singing that helps with life's loads. Take time to is the one sacrament of life. Take time to hitches the soul to the stars. Take time to is the secret of youth. Take time to is the highway to reverence...Author unknown. During this week take time or make time for some of these things, it will brighten up your week. cp

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Take a little time this week...

Another week has come & gone already, I'm not sure exactly what I can show for it. Oh yes, I've been able to go to 3 or 4 girls basketball games & watch my granddaughters along with my young women girls, I sure do love them all & pray for them often. It's a scary old world that they're growing up in, just hope that I can help them in some small way along their path of life. The other night was the most beautiful sliver of a moon just barely above the mountain top up west & I've seen some beautiful sun rises this week. I try & get up early, walk on the treadmill & listen to some inspirational music or talks then have a little breakfast & read my scriptures. It sure seems to start my day off better if I do it in this order. I just finished reading the Book Of Mormon & starting on the D & C, I learned alot again this time around now just hope to remember everything. A very dear friend gave me a book title "Making Sense Of Suffering" I have to say I learned so much from every page & it has helped me understand that pain & suffering is all part of a bigger plan. One of my favorite parts reads: Where is the God of love when suffering occurs? The God of perfect love is a God of perfect wisdom, & he is nearby. But his plan permits suffering in his universe. Without apology, he keeps sending his spirit children into the thick of things. In his long view, suffering makes sense. It can never make sense to us, however, until we see things his way. Oddly enough, our vision sometimes improves when our conditions worsen, creating an occasional windowpane, or window of pain, in the veil. A parayzing probem can bring the stillness that causes us to pause and, for a change, reverently look at the whole scene. God grants mortal suffering because it can do wonders for us. Mortal suffering makes lasting improvements in the eternal self. It turns up the volume on God's voice to us, & it turns up the volume on our pleadings to him. I know this to be true in my own life. Take a little time this week to ponder & pray...cp

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Be happy, happy, happy

What a day it has been, I had so much I was going to do today. I did get clean sheets on my bed & my whites hung out on the line & yes outside on the clothes line. It just makes them so nice, white & fresh smelling. I know I've already been told that I'm crazy, it's just too cold but I love it. I went to Jr High to the volleyball game & watched Savannah play then a couple of ladies ask me if I wanted to ride to Logan, grab some lunch & catch a movie. I had to think a bit but decided to do just that & it was lots of fun except a little more action than I've been used to. I ate popcorn till it was coming out of my ears. I couldn't help thinking of Putter cause he always had to have popcorn at a movie house, also he'd have loved the movie because it was action packed. So thanks ladies for a fun afternoon. I'm still working on picture books, it's taking me along time cause I have to stop & think of the memories that each picture brings to me. I'm so thankful for the past & all the fun times we shared with family & friends & I get to remember it all over again. A thought I found this week was given to me by Annie right after grandpa passed away. When we start to count flowers, we cease to count weeds; When we start to count blessings, we cease to count needs; When we start to count laughter, we cease to count fears; When we count happy memories; we cease to count years. Ya gota love it!!! Have a great week & be happy, happy, happy...cp

Friday, January 17, 2014

Peace to my soul

What a beautiful week it has been with the moon full, frosty nights & sunrises that makes everything sparkle like diamonds. I took a little ride in the ranger the other night to talk to my best friend & yes it was Danny. While sitting in the cemetary, from his headstone looking east down over the town of Randolph, it looked like a fairyland. I was looking through some trees with bare branches at the big full moon, it was a sight that certainly was breathtaking. I could have stayed there all night except it was pretty cold. I had a few thoughts that I wanted to share with Danny, I'm so thankful for the calming & peaceful scene that I was able to pertake of. It certainly brought peace to my soul & answered some of my questions I had. I'm so thankful for a new year to look forward to the adventures & experiences it will bring to everyone. I'm sure some will be good & some not so good but without the unpleasant experiences we would not appreciate the good ones. I'm not sure where the time is going but it seems like it's sun up & then it's sun down. I have been accomplishing lots of cleaning up, throwing away & taking care of some matter that was unorganized, it is looking better. I've been going through lots of pictures & taking care of them in the books they need to go in. My thought for tonight "Hope Happiness & Courage" Real optimism is aware of problems but recognizes solutions; knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome; sees the negatives but accentuates the positives; is exposed to the worst but expects the best; has reason to complain, but chooses to smile ---William Arthur Ward. May the coming week bring a smile to everyone's face & may we all know that life is precious & good. cp