Friday, April 18, 2014

Texas Dallas Mission

Wow!!!What a whirlwind I've been in the last few months. Just in case you haven't heard yet I'm going on a mission to the Dallas Texas mission, leaving on April 28th for the MTC in Provo. Sorry I've been a little slow in updating but hopefully I'll get a bit better. I've been to doctors, shots, lots of paper work & just pretty well a little bit of everything. I'm turning 65 this year so I've been dealing with medicare & that's lots of papers in & of its self. Life has treated me well the last few months & everything is just finally falling into place for me. I've dealt with dear old Satan & trying to keep him off my back. But maybe he's been busy with me & left you guys alone. Our daughter is moving into our home for 2 yrs so we've been moving me out, moving them in. The dear Lord had one more big full moon for me the other night & I soaked it all in. There's just not much like the moon in Randolph or even better Woodruff Creek. I'm trying to soak every little thing in so when I'm homesick I'll have some memories. Thanks to all who came to church on Sunday, the choir was so beautiful, I almost thought I'd died & went to heaven. I finished up the program with a few thoughts of my own. Thanks also to the ones who brought food for the dinner. So very kind of you & you are all greatly appreciated. My thought for tonight...I have found that helping others is the fastest way for me to let go of my troubles, and feel the unknown. Please know I haven't forgotten you & I'll try & do better. Love cp

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