Monday, March 7, 2016

Just a little bit of Texas!

Beautiful sisters grandma is being baptized on the 19th.

This sister's house burned & she's staying with the sister above but she went to church with us on Sunday. She is not a member.
popcorn popping trees they are truly beautiful! I love the trees & these sisters.
Bishop's wife they spent Christmas in Logan where Bishop is from.
A strong member of the church she came to a lesson with us. She's an angel straight from heaven. Her son lives in Utah.

popcorn popping

I went to bed one night with the trees all bare & the next morning I woke up to blossoms, it really is just like the song popcorn popping on the apricot tree only I think these are called something pear trees. They are truly beautiful & it feels good to the spirit to see spring coming however it is cloudy, windy & cooler today. I just finished walking though & it felt good to feel the breeze on your face instead of hot sun. We were able to go to the temple with a lady for her first time & that's always such a thrill to have been a part of her journey. We were able to take a grandmother, her 4 granddaughters & her neighbor to church yesterday, the grandmother is going to be baptized on March 19th so that is very exciting. There is lots happening down here right now & lots more work to be done. We have been giving temple lessons to a mother, daughter & granddaughter or were baptized recently & is going to do baptisms for the dead on Sat. We are going with about 10 or 12 recently baptized people to perform baptisms, they are all so excited to do this, some we took about a month ago. The spirit was so strong that night as we watched them do their own family names they had been working on. I have our oldest grandchild having a birthday this week & I've been trying to figure out where that 25 years have gone & then my thoughts went to all the changes that have happened in our lives over those years & I guess that's why I feel tired & aged at times. I love the poem "Somebody's Mother" the first line goes the woman was old & ragged & grey & bent with the chill of a winters day. I feel like this woman at times but then at times I feel like the young girl this woman was a few years early.  Life is wonderful & I'm so thankful for all the memories I have of years gone by, the good times & the bad times have helped shape me & made me who I am today. Each one of you out there can do the same thing in your lives. Happy birthday Oliver I love you & think of all the fun times you had with grandpa, I see him in you a lot especially as I look at your hands & your love for fishing & hunting. My thought for today, the love of family & the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth & privilege---Charles Kuralt.  My scripture is to read the book of Enos this week. I love you & pray all is going well in your lives for now.  Sister Putnam