Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

It's been a long time since I've updated & lots of things have gone on. I guess you could say it's rather busy here as is everyone else's lives. I just looked & it said Easter wow where has that time gone?  I have made a trip home for a week or so for my granddaughters wedding. First I have to admit there might have been a little tear when I looked out the window & seen my first glimpse in over a year of a snow cap mountain & we started descending down at the Salt Lake Airport. Guess you can't tell that I truly miss the mountains at home. My family has been asked lots if it was hard to go back to Texas, I'd have to say no when you have this missionary name tag on you it means you're a missionary wherever you are & it's easier to be a missionary in Texas than at home. I was busy between trying to see my siblings & the good old doctors in just a few days so I never got to see to many of my friends or should say I didn't get to talk to them very long. I love my mission I just want to serve the rest of my time which is around 9 mts. It truly is going by too fast & I know I'm not going to want to leave these people very bad either. I must say I'm learning so much not just about the Savior but about myself. We are up by 6 am if not before go for a walk & get in a little exercise, scripture study, eat, shower, get ready for the day & leave around 10 am unless it's Thursday & Friday we leave by 8 & 9. We usually take our lunch & just find a little shade to eat in the car & on our way again. Who knows what time we may get home?  It's warming up here in Texas to the point you feel damp or wet even in bed at nights.  Now I appreciate your concerns with the rains & flooding it's pretty scary when it starts it puts down lots, I mean lots of water in a very short period of time. I'm hear to tell you I HATE some of their thunder & lightening storms. I've come to the conclusion that most true Texans will say they love those storms so I guess I'll never be a true Texan. One of the nurses in Utah that I had was born & raised in Plano & she told me that's what she misses the very most. Either I have a problem or she does don't know which?  My grandkids are all growing up so fast & some have changed a lot since I left, I must say it was one of my highlights to meet my little great grand daughter for the first time. Wow is that ever hard to believe, I also got to meet the new little Showalter girl & Barker girl for the first time. I love these 3 families very much & the daddies have certainly been a big part of Putter & I's life. Thanks for sharing them with me for a minute. Our mission is one that has gone technical so we've been to lots of workshops & been taught over & over so when these missionaries go home & their mission is over they'll know how to avoid bad stuff on the internet. Now I told the presidents wife that I'm probably the only one in the mission field that hates computers so he won't have to loose to much sleep over me. My thought, Not once does the Bible say, "worry about it,"  "Stress over it," or, "Figure it out." But over & over it clearly says, "Trust God."  My scripture is Matt 6:33. Sure do love you all & happy Father's Day to all the fathers everywhere whether on this side of the veil or the other.  Sister Putnam