Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I just wrote an update & lost it so I'm just going to try & catch ya'll up on a little that's going on in my world it is so hot that you can barely breathe. I may only end up as a grease spot here in good old Tx. The poor flowers are struggling to survive I water them night & morning. Someone told me you have to wear jackets on some nights, you know that sounds pretty good, thank goodness for dresses. We are busy everyday from 6:30 am, if we're not already awake till 9 or 10 at nights. We take a lunch with us & hope we can find some big tree for a little shade to eat under. You roll down the windows & feel like you've turned the oven on to 300 & got inside. I'm not complaining just telling ya a little about my days here at the moment. I know that August brings the Fair & Rodeo, 4-Her's getting ready for their big day, school getting ready to start, haying winding up & the beautiful fall colors coming. I lost my gps now I didn't have one last year at this time & I was in a world of hurt. I might have considered coming home that first month except I didn't know which way to go. Life is much better this year because I've finally got east, west, north & south figured out. I'm still hoping it might turn up. I lost it at zone conference, I just felt bad leaving it in the hot car so took it in so it would be cool. I love life, the Lord, his gospel, peace, the moon, stars & rainbows, families & Danny. I miss laughing with him when you're alone there's not much to laugh about except your memories so sometimes I just laugh with myself.  I'm doing great oh one last thing I was so excited at zone conference to look up  & see one of my favorite Elders who had gone home in April actually when I seen him walking towards me I thought I had lost my mind. He sit with me & I just wanted to catch up on his life after mission. It's hard to see these Sisters & Elders go home because you really do get to love them. My thought for the month "I know God has a plan. I pray for direction to follow it, patience to wait on it, & knowledge to know when it comes--author unknown. My scripture 1Nephi 10:18-19.I love ya all & pray you may have a great end of summer & may the Lord bless & keep ya'll in His care. Sister Putnam

Heart full of love

It's hot now I don't know what a 108 feels like anywhere else but in Tx. it is HOT of course everything is bigger in Tx. I'm afraid one day I'll try to get up & there'll just be a grease spot when I once was. Who can believe it's Aug already? It seems like I don't even get my calendar page turned & it's time to turn another one. Well I know August means haying, enjoying the last days of summer before school starts & of course the Fair & Rodeo. I love watching the kids all working hard with their 4-H animals getting them ready for the big day. It's funny how your mind goes home when you think of what time of year it is & what's happening at home. We are busy trying to keep up with all the sisters we've been ask to try & contact, it's hard to catch some that don't want to be caught. Oh well, we just keep on trying. We had one lady open the door & shake her head no & shake her finger at us. We just presumed she didn't want to talk to us. I think it was the ladies' mother because we have had some nice visits with the lady of the house before however always on the step. It's pretty hard to visit on the step very long in this heat & keep your concentration or focus on our gift we want to share with them. We have so many wonderful ladies though who need our help & are so very happy to see us. We just take a lunch with us but this time of year is pretty hard to find shade to pull the car under & then you roll down the window & it's like turning the oven on 300 & leaving the door open, getting in & enjoy your lunch. We are learning the Family Proclamation so we try going over it when we stop. It seems a little harder than the Living Christ but we will prevail. We run into some rich people, knocking on their door & they were both born & raised in Ogden Utah so how fun was that? I know one thing Utah would be a lot bigger if all the Utah people I've run into went back home. We've been getting a few more meal invitations lately & it's rather nice. The Elders & Sister's always have dinner appointments but it's nice for us elderly sisters to not have to cook once in a while. I lost my gps at the last zone conference NOW if that would have happened a year ago I'd have went crazy but I kind of know my way around a little now so I'm not in quite as bad of shape. But it's kind of made me feel like I left my child somewhere & can't find her. I've been praying so I still have faith that it might show up some where. Does it mean anything when you might dream about it? I love Life, the Lord, Families, Moon, Stars, Sky, this Beautiful World we live in & Danny. I also miss laughing sometimes I think about old days & all the good laughter we had. All in all I'm great.
My thought-I know God has a plan. I pray for direction to follow it, patience to wait on it, & knowledge to know when it comes. Scripture 1Nephi 10:18,19. My heart is full of love for everyone...Sister Putnam