Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I just wrote an update & lost it so I'm just going to try & catch ya'll up on a little that's going on in my world it is so hot that you can barely breathe. I may only end up as a grease spot here in good old Tx. The poor flowers are struggling to survive I water them night & morning. Someone told me you have to wear jackets on some nights, you know that sounds pretty good, thank goodness for dresses. We are busy everyday from 6:30 am, if we're not already awake till 9 or 10 at nights. We take a lunch with us & hope we can find some big tree for a little shade to eat under. You roll down the windows & feel like you've turned the oven on to 300 & got inside. I'm not complaining just telling ya a little about my days here at the moment. I know that August brings the Fair & Rodeo, 4-Her's getting ready for their big day, school getting ready to start, haying winding up & the beautiful fall colors coming. I lost my gps now I didn't have one last year at this time & I was in a world of hurt. I might have considered coming home that first month except I didn't know which way to go. Life is much better this year because I've finally got east, west, north & south figured out. I'm still hoping it might turn up. I lost it at zone conference, I just felt bad leaving it in the hot car so took it in so it would be cool. I love life, the Lord, his gospel, peace, the moon, stars & rainbows, families & Danny. I miss laughing with him when you're alone there's not much to laugh about except your memories so sometimes I just laugh with myself.  I'm doing great oh one last thing I was so excited at zone conference to look up  & see one of my favorite Elders who had gone home in April actually when I seen him walking towards me I thought I had lost my mind. He sit with me & I just wanted to catch up on his life after mission. It's hard to see these Sisters & Elders go home because you really do get to love them. My thought for the month "I know God has a plan. I pray for direction to follow it, patience to wait on it, & knowledge to know when it comes--author unknown. My scripture 1Nephi 10:18-19.I love ya all & pray you may have a great end of summer & may the Lord bless & keep ya'll in His care. Sister Putnam

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