Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cooled down to 95 today

Well its cooled down to just 95 so that don't feel too bad. When it gets to 100 or over its pretty warm & pretty miserable but only when you're getting from point a to point b. I might add the steering wheel is dangerously hot to touch. I've seen some pictures of some rain you've been getting WOW! We could sure use some in good old Texas it's very dry. I don't really know how to thank you for the very nice birthday I had so many cards, money, gift cards & love sent my way, even 3 beautiful different colored sunflowers & a half dozen yellow roses now that shocked the socks right off me. I've never had a birthday quite like this one. I just like mine to sneak on by quietly. The lady we live with said "You just can't have that many family & friends." I've read & reread all the cards so very nice of you also all the phone calls & happy birthday songs, sure do miss those familiar voices. A very dear lady from Hong Kong fixed a very nice dinner then out came a cake & candles not sure how she found out it was my birthday. Ya'll are so very kind thank you lots. My thoughts are back home today with the Putnam Mills reunion I think it's been over 50 years that I've been going to them & it kind of gets in your blood. I'll bet even Elder Dyson Barkers thoughts are up Woodruff Creek also this weekend. Love all you family members & friends that meet up there every year & share the memories with us. We've just come from the temple today we've been doing some names for a lady here we got all the women done & just have a few men left. I can't believe all the people we've met that have connections to Utah either they've lived there or one of their family members still live there it's always fun to run into people from Utah. We've had another good week meeting new people & some we will visit each month. One of them has had MS for the last 40 years, she was born & raised in Ogden Utah her husband left her & she lives with her daughter. We visit quite a few people weekly who have diseases, blindness or some other problem mentally or physically. I think of the song Count Your Blessings Name Them One By One as we leave them each week & I give a quick thank you LORD each time for the privilege of being able to visit them. They teach me so much & especially a good attitude as you endure your trials to the end (cheerfully). We have a full day tomorrow starting at 7:15 & going till 4 then I have dinner so I've tried to prepare some today. We are having a cottage meeting tomorrow night also each missionary & ward missionary has invited some inactive & non members so hopefully it will happen. Brother Hogi is giving the lesson on Joseph Smith so it should be well worth their time. We took two dear sisters from one of our wards to lunch had a great visit about the temple I think we may have planted a seed sure hope so, they are angels one has never been married is in her 40's her brothers have been on missions & she's been a member all her life, she is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. The other lady has been married 6 or 7 times but is single now. She's had a tough life including a car wreck at 22 that took her leg off above the knee she was baptized 4 yrs ago. I truly love these woman & pray they will go to the temple & find the peace that is inside. Well enough for this week so I'll leave ya all a thought "One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder" --The Good Vibe. My scripture is 1John 1:5-10, I love light even the moon but especially the light of CHRIST because I have learned that peace comes from that light. I love ya all & miss Ya all but know I'm where I'm supposed to be at this time in my life. See ya when the roses bloom ...Sister Putnam

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rainbow in someone elses cloud

Well one of those nights when sleep won't come so thought I'd write down some of my feelings. It's been a great week where you just accomplish a lot. I love missionary work & helping people it's not much different than what we all do except we are able to spend a lot more time just focusing on that. We've met so many awesome people who are down on their luck or just struggling with something, or just need the light of the gospel in their lives. One of my highlights was a sweet lady from China who we have eaten dinner with in her meager apartment before. She has no table, she don't turn her lights on, little money but she told us as were visiting her that she just fixes soups to eat during the week so she can save money to buy groceries to fix other people stuff that she takes to them. Her non member daughter takes her & her friend to the temple each Tuesday. The temple makes her so happy, she is such a good example to me of humility. We are in such a nice home compared to some of the places we've been & I so appreciate it. The Lord has blessed us many times since arriving in Texas. I know all the prayers coming my way has also helped ease some of the stress & I thank you ever so much. A mission is like anything else in life it takes a lot of help from other people & especially the Lord to make it through. We only hope we can make just a little difference in someone's life. I've been really studying the scriptures in Alma 5:26-33 & it's making my life better. Now for a few picturesRhonda gave me the school picture & we laughed I'm the only one with pants on in it then we took some pictures of Jane Schulthess, Rhonda Cox & myself & I'm the only one with a dress on. My time does change things. The dog now was a different story, I've never had to diaper a dog before & it was a big job but all in a days work. The covered wagon picture was a ward party & the other picture I was ready to retire for the day. Have a great rest of the night, study Alma and I leave you with this thought sent to me this week. "Be the rainbow in someone's cloud" love ya all! Sister Putnam

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's good to be back!!!

this is one of our rooms in the last 3 months. Just like motel 6 the light is always on. We are in the Hilton finally it took us a few moves but we made it. Probably just in time for transfers ha ha or who knows. I've learned so much in the last 6 weeks that I couldn't begin to write it. Logan is helping refresh my computer skills again so I'm just practicing. I haven't had a computer for quite awhile and it's not like riding a bike once you learn you never forget. Have a great night I'm ready for bed, we've been in church since 8 am attended 4 wards today. Sweet dreams & goodnight. It's good to be back on the blog. Sister Putnam