Friday, August 22, 2014

Rainbow in someone elses cloud

Well one of those nights when sleep won't come so thought I'd write down some of my feelings. It's been a great week where you just accomplish a lot. I love missionary work & helping people it's not much different than what we all do except we are able to spend a lot more time just focusing on that. We've met so many awesome people who are down on their luck or just struggling with something, or just need the light of the gospel in their lives. One of my highlights was a sweet lady from China who we have eaten dinner with in her meager apartment before. She has no table, she don't turn her lights on, little money but she told us as were visiting her that she just fixes soups to eat during the week so she can save money to buy groceries to fix other people stuff that she takes to them. Her non member daughter takes her & her friend to the temple each Tuesday. The temple makes her so happy, she is such a good example to me of humility. We are in such a nice home compared to some of the places we've been & I so appreciate it. The Lord has blessed us many times since arriving in Texas. I know all the prayers coming my way has also helped ease some of the stress & I thank you ever so much. A mission is like anything else in life it takes a lot of help from other people & especially the Lord to make it through. We only hope we can make just a little difference in someone's life. I've been really studying the scriptures in Alma 5:26-33 & it's making my life better. Now for a few picturesRhonda gave me the school picture & we laughed I'm the only one with pants on in it then we took some pictures of Jane Schulthess, Rhonda Cox & myself & I'm the only one with a dress on. My time does change things. The dog now was a different story, I've never had to diaper a dog before & it was a big job but all in a days work. The covered wagon picture was a ward party & the other picture I was ready to retire for the day. Have a great rest of the night, study Alma and I leave you with this thought sent to me this week. "Be the rainbow in someone's cloud" love ya all! Sister Putnam

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