Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thank God & our Soldiers

I've seen a few rain storms in my life but I don't know if I ever seen it like it rains in Texas, they say everything is bigger in Texas & that would be true for the rain drops too. We only had 3 houses to pass from the church house before we are at home & I couldn't even keep my feet in my shoes & we were soaked clear through. Of course we forgot our umbrellas. It's pretty hard to keep track of an umbrella when you've never used one in your whole entire life. It was quite funny the first time I went to use mine I didn't even know what knob to push but I know now. Well I love the fireflies at night it almost looks like sparklers flying around on the lawns. We walked for 2 miles the other night & seen 2 bunnies, they're not as cute as the ones out home. There was a squirrel killed in front of our house yesterday, I walked out to my car this morning & I thought I was in Randolph a huge black bird was cleaning up the squirrel remains, I know it has to be related to the vultures in Randolph it looked like a grandpa vulture. I decided to wait for a while I didn't want him to pack me off somewhere else (I just got my address learned). We had lunch yesterday at our Mission President's home & met the other sister missionaries with our same calling. There are 8 sisters around the Texas area, they did the pilot program on this kind of a mission out here in Plano Texas & that is the two sisters we will replace in August, they're going home. We've gone with them a lot & certainly learned from them. After lunch we went to the temple & soaked up the spirit, all in all it was a great day. I know there's a lot going on at home this weekend & my thoughts keep drifting towards home but tomorrow we are going to a big memorial cemetery for the military, I'm looking forward to that. However my heart will be in the Randolph Cemetery & with Putter. I have felt his presence here with me a few times since I've been out here. I sure do love & miss him lots, I can't believe its almost been 11 months in a way it seems like a life time & in another way seems like yesterday. One thing we can depend on is that time just keeps moving on & fast. It's p day tomorrow so better get to bed. My thought for the week, "We haven't forgotten GOD or the SOLDIER, who are the brave, those who served unknown. I thank the men & women past, present & future who gave their time & some their lives for my freedom & I thank God for the experience of coming to earth & for providing a way for us to return back to His presence. I love our Savior...Sister Putnam

Sunday, May 18, 2014

running on roof tops

It's been a little cooler in Texas this week & rather enjoyable. My highlight this week was attending the temple & getting to visit with my friend Rhonda for about 5 minutes but it was so great to see a friend from younger days. This is the first temple I've been to that isn't on a hill, I couldn't even see it until we pulled in the parking lot. My other highlight was working in Minnie's Food Pantry for 3 hours, it was great to work & know you are helping someone who needs help. It was a great experience. Now here in Texas there are plenty of squirrels with bushy tail running everywhere including on top of the roofs, you almost have to pack a stick when you go walking to get them off the sidewalks. I have to say they are a bit prettier than our squirrels out home, they look like they've been to the beauty parlor. I was able to watch a full moon as we were driving home from Dallas the other night & want you all to know I was thinking of you back home & how much I love you & thank you for everything you've done for me over a life time. Went to a talent show at the ward Friday night the Elders played the piano so beautiful & Nathan (the son where we live) played his violin with one of the elders on the piano so touching. I couldn't think of a talent I could do so I just listen to the rest. My blessing said "I have many hidden talents" so I'm trying to discover some of them but haven't found them YET. Congratulations to all the track team from Rich High last week end at State. It's great to hear you all done well. Well I better get ready for Sacrament Meeting & go pertake of the spirit. My thought for the week: "Storms make trees take deeper roots"--Dolly Pardon. I believe it works the same for people also...Sister Putnam

Sunday, May 11, 2014

First week in Dallas Texas

Well my first week in the mission field as a full time missionary was a mighty HOT one. I must say to feel a little snow right now would feel mighty good but I will survive & bloom where I'm planted. Thanks to Danalee & Sandra for driving out with me & having a little girl time, oh yes, thanks to their husband & kids for holding down the fort while their moms were away. We have officially a place to lay our heads down at night. We are living with OZZIE who is a wonderful, kind & gracious lady. She is not a member of our church but she goes to church & we went with her today. She has two children Cristina 12 & Nathan 14. We helped her with a birthday party last night for a lady they all call MOMA, yes her favorite cake is a carrot one so I baked my first carrot cake in good old Texas. I was scared cause I didn't know if the altitude would make it bake different. It was fun to meet some of Ozzie's friends, quite a delightful night. Well my first time at church a man came up to me & said, "You're from Randolph Utah, you might know my niece, Nancy Weston." Now what is the chance of that happening? He felt like family so good to run into someone that knows someone you know. Well better get to bed so I can get up in the morning & study. Studying does not come easy for me. My thought for the week is: when we've done everything we can, God does everything we can't. I'm certainly relying on that. Have a great week & know I love you all...Sister Putnam

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bowl of three minute noodles

Wow!!! Dallas Texas is a BIG city, we drove in at 9pm last night on the interstate with construction everywhere, lights flashing all over the place & three tired women who couldn't wait to get in bed but we made it safe & sound. The Sheraton Hotel was the first hotel we could find so we stopped & dropped but first the toilet wouldn't flush so we had to call for help, Dana & I hurried & jumped in bed so Sandra had to do the dirty work. It wasn't all that great for the money but at that time we didn't care, we were off the interstate & spaghetti bowels. This place & their spaghetti bowls makes Salt Lake look like a small bowl of three minute noodles. I had an awesome week at the MTC & learned so much & found out I know very little about lots of things. There were so many people with 300 coming in on Wednesday that was all young Elders & Sisters. It was so fun to watch them at meal time. Thanks to everyone for all your support & help in getting me on my way. Sunday morning early I rode up west of Randolph, found a little stream & just sat down in the silence & listened to the birds singing. I figured that might be the last silence I would hear for awhile & now I'm pretty sure of it. We meet our mission president tomorrow morning & then move our stuff in to a non members house in Plano TX. I brought lots of kitchen stuff from home cause they told us we had to get our own apartment, oh well I've learned already to adapt to change cause I think that's going to happen a lot. The lady we are living with is from Ethiopia with 2 children & divorced. We will be staying with her till August & then we will move into another lady's home for the rest of our mission, of course things can change. Well love you all & could sure use your prayers. A thought we seen on a sign on our way to Texas...Satan subtracts & divides God adds & multiplies...cp