Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bowl of three minute noodles

Wow!!! Dallas Texas is a BIG city, we drove in at 9pm last night on the interstate with construction everywhere, lights flashing all over the place & three tired women who couldn't wait to get in bed but we made it safe & sound. The Sheraton Hotel was the first hotel we could find so we stopped & dropped but first the toilet wouldn't flush so we had to call for help, Dana & I hurried & jumped in bed so Sandra had to do the dirty work. It wasn't all that great for the money but at that time we didn't care, we were off the interstate & spaghetti bowels. This place & their spaghetti bowls makes Salt Lake look like a small bowl of three minute noodles. I had an awesome week at the MTC & learned so much & found out I know very little about lots of things. There were so many people with 300 coming in on Wednesday that was all young Elders & Sisters. It was so fun to watch them at meal time. Thanks to everyone for all your support & help in getting me on my way. Sunday morning early I rode up west of Randolph, found a little stream & just sat down in the silence & listened to the birds singing. I figured that might be the last silence I would hear for awhile & now I'm pretty sure of it. We meet our mission president tomorrow morning & then move our stuff in to a non members house in Plano TX. I brought lots of kitchen stuff from home cause they told us we had to get our own apartment, oh well I've learned already to adapt to change cause I think that's going to happen a lot. The lady we are living with is from Ethiopia with 2 children & divorced. We will be staying with her till August & then we will move into another lady's home for the rest of our mission, of course things can change. Well love you all & could sure use your prayers. A thought we seen on a sign on our way to Texas...Satan subtracts & divides God adds & multiplies...cp

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