Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take Time

Time just seems to slip away from me & I truly don't know where it is going. It's girls state basketball this week in Richfield. I was going down with Pearts but I didn't feel to great these morning when we were leaving so I opted not to go. I watched it on the computer, the first game was rather nerve racking but we ended up winning by 4 pts. I've been working on taxes this week & hopefully will get them wrapped up soon cause I have a tax appointment next week in Logan. For some reason I just don't like tax season however, I used to cause Danny & I always went over on President's Day to do them. We'd go the night before & stay, eat & play for a night. I had the day off from the bank, he'd take it off, that was our one date a year. It was fun & we used to get a little back but now it's pay. The United States is still the greatest nation in my eyes anyway. I'm glad to pay my share. I went out the other night with some ladies & we went over to the lake for supper. We shared a sweetheart special...Steak, lobster, salad, potato & dessert. It was so good & I just have to say it's been a lot of years since I've had lobster & it was mighty fine. It was Valentines weekend so it was a great meal & no we don't always eat that kind of a meal. It was a night of great food & so fun to be with friends. We've been having some problems around town with flooding, it's so fun to see people helping people that's what life is all about. My thought: Take Time...take time to helps bring God near & washes the dust of earth from your eyes. Take time for friends...they are the source of happiness. Take time for is the price of success. Take time to is the sourse of power. Take time to is the singing that helps with life's loads. Take time to is the one sacrament of life. Take time to hitches the soul to the stars. Take time to is the secret of youth. Take time to is the highway to reverence...Author unknown. During this week take time or make time for some of these things, it will brighten up your week. cp

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Take a little time this week...

Another week has come & gone already, I'm not sure exactly what I can show for it. Oh yes, I've been able to go to 3 or 4 girls basketball games & watch my granddaughters along with my young women girls, I sure do love them all & pray for them often. It's a scary old world that they're growing up in, just hope that I can help them in some small way along their path of life. The other night was the most beautiful sliver of a moon just barely above the mountain top up west & I've seen some beautiful sun rises this week. I try & get up early, walk on the treadmill & listen to some inspirational music or talks then have a little breakfast & read my scriptures. It sure seems to start my day off better if I do it in this order. I just finished reading the Book Of Mormon & starting on the D & C, I learned alot again this time around now just hope to remember everything. A very dear friend gave me a book title "Making Sense Of Suffering" I have to say I learned so much from every page & it has helped me understand that pain & suffering is all part of a bigger plan. One of my favorite parts reads: Where is the God of love when suffering occurs? The God of perfect love is a God of perfect wisdom, & he is nearby. But his plan permits suffering in his universe. Without apology, he keeps sending his spirit children into the thick of things. In his long view, suffering makes sense. It can never make sense to us, however, until we see things his way. Oddly enough, our vision sometimes improves when our conditions worsen, creating an occasional windowpane, or window of pain, in the veil. A parayzing probem can bring the stillness that causes us to pause and, for a change, reverently look at the whole scene. God grants mortal suffering because it can do wonders for us. Mortal suffering makes lasting improvements in the eternal self. It turns up the volume on God's voice to us, & it turns up the volume on our pleadings to him. I know this to be true in my own life. Take a little time this week to ponder & pray...cp