Sunday, May 18, 2014

running on roof tops

It's been a little cooler in Texas this week & rather enjoyable. My highlight this week was attending the temple & getting to visit with my friend Rhonda for about 5 minutes but it was so great to see a friend from younger days. This is the first temple I've been to that isn't on a hill, I couldn't even see it until we pulled in the parking lot. My other highlight was working in Minnie's Food Pantry for 3 hours, it was great to work & know you are helping someone who needs help. It was a great experience. Now here in Texas there are plenty of squirrels with bushy tail running everywhere including on top of the roofs, you almost have to pack a stick when you go walking to get them off the sidewalks. I have to say they are a bit prettier than our squirrels out home, they look like they've been to the beauty parlor. I was able to watch a full moon as we were driving home from Dallas the other night & want you all to know I was thinking of you back home & how much I love you & thank you for everything you've done for me over a life time. Went to a talent show at the ward Friday night the Elders played the piano so beautiful & Nathan (the son where we live) played his violin with one of the elders on the piano so touching. I couldn't think of a talent I could do so I just listen to the rest. My blessing said "I have many hidden talents" so I'm trying to discover some of them but haven't found them YET. Congratulations to all the track team from Rich High last week end at State. It's great to hear you all done well. Well I better get ready for Sacrament Meeting & go pertake of the spirit. My thought for the week: "Storms make trees take deeper roots"--Dolly Pardon. I believe it works the same for people also...Sister Putnam


  1. hey...i think i finally got it figured out!

  2. I'm so glad you are doing this!!! I had to Logan against the wall to get the address:) JK Obviously my sister didn't share the info with me...

    You have many talents! Always positive! Friend to all and caring for others, enjoying the beauty in nature, enjoying the simple things in life:) I could go on......Have a great day!