Saturday, January 25, 2014

Be happy, happy, happy

What a day it has been, I had so much I was going to do today. I did get clean sheets on my bed & my whites hung out on the line & yes outside on the clothes line. It just makes them so nice, white & fresh smelling. I know I've already been told that I'm crazy, it's just too cold but I love it. I went to Jr High to the volleyball game & watched Savannah play then a couple of ladies ask me if I wanted to ride to Logan, grab some lunch & catch a movie. I had to think a bit but decided to do just that & it was lots of fun except a little more action than I've been used to. I ate popcorn till it was coming out of my ears. I couldn't help thinking of Putter cause he always had to have popcorn at a movie house, also he'd have loved the movie because it was action packed. So thanks ladies for a fun afternoon. I'm still working on picture books, it's taking me along time cause I have to stop & think of the memories that each picture brings to me. I'm so thankful for the past & all the fun times we shared with family & friends & I get to remember it all over again. A thought I found this week was given to me by Annie right after grandpa passed away. When we start to count flowers, we cease to count weeds; When we start to count blessings, we cease to count needs; When we start to count laughter, we cease to count fears; When we count happy memories; we cease to count years. Ya gota love it!!! Have a great week & be happy, happy, happy...cp

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  1. I'm HAPPY I found your blog. I too love the picture. I'm thinking it is up the creek??? Glad you got to go to Logan to the movie. Thanks for the thought. I'm thinking about using it in an email I am composing in my mind to my cousins. Take care.