Sunday, June 1, 2014

Feed just one

I had a wonderful day on Monday, Sister Baxter, Sister Hulse & myself drove to the Arlington Cemetery outside of Dallas Tx. a ways. We went to the program at 11:00 so beautifully done. Loved the big choir, the big band, the speeches, then they read the all the names off that are in the cemetery & laid a rose in which ever division they served in for the families to take. They had the 21 gun salute done with cannons & concluded with taps done with a bagpipe. I love this country we live in & the many freedoms we enjoy each day that someone has paid a dear price for us. I walked up & down lots of rows & read their names & the messages that was wrote on the headstones. Served at Minnie's Food pantry again I dearly love doing that & look forward to it each week, guess that has took the place of picking up garbage. Texas is a pretty clean state. Went to the temple on Friday & soaked up the spirit. We were asked to give the Relief Society lesson today in a different ward than we've been going to. I give the first part of it so I was telling a little bit about me & where I was from I said, "A small town in northern Utah someone ask, "What is the name of it, I said, Randolph Utah, A lady then said, "My Aunt & Uncle live there you might know them. I said, "There's a pretty good chance of it, well it turned out to be Glade & Jane Hatch. My companion figures Randolph is the smallest, biggest place she's ever heard of. Lot's of places we've been to either knows someone I know or passed through there on there way somewhere else. It's almost getting funny cause it's happened a lot. Well the Elders usually get to wait 6 weeks for a transfer but not us. Sister McCarthy, my companion is leaving in the morning for Mesquite Texas, & my new companion is from Florida, Sister Smith. She has just had breast cancer & gone through chemo. My thought, if you can't feed a 100 people then feed just one--Mother Teresa. Love ya all & have a great week. Sister Putnam

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