Monday, June 16, 2014

Happiness is an inside job

I've been on a roller coaster ride for the last 2 weeks, my companion was transferred to Mesquite Tx so we packed her up & I took a load for her & then I helped my new companion unload her stuff & haul them all back up 15 stairs then 1 week later we moved from there hauling everything back down 15 stairs to Allen Tx & up 40 stairs. Now my new companion is 77 yrs old so that's a lot of stairs for her & me. I'm getting muscles in the back of my legs that look like Popeye's arms. I miss seeing the fireflies but our apartment faces west so I can watch the sunsets & they are beautiful. Also I can watch the planes coming in to land at the Dallas Fortworth airport. I enjoy spending a little time out there in the evenings. Finally last week we were able to do some missionary work. We are working in 3 new wards with Bishops, Relief Society pres & Mission leaders finding people who are less active or have been lost. That was quite an experience but met some great people & got to visit with lots of different nationalities. I truly love that. We went to family home evening with a Martinez family, such a great family the mom is straight from South Korea & the father from Mexico, their children are beautiful the one daughter is going to BYU this fall so they are going to Utah. His immediate family all live in SLC now. They were both missionaries & are very active in the gospel. I went to pec meeting in a new ward they ask where I was from I said, "Randolph Utah" they wondered if I knew any McKinnon's or Thompson's, this is almost getting comical cause every ward I've gone to someone knows someone I know, it really is a small world. A family here just left to go to their cabin on Bear Lake for the summer months. We haven't had internet for about 3 weeks so I'm a little behind. Sure do love you all & think of home lots but I am trying to bloom where I'm planted. I do love the people in Texas & the church is the same everywhere. I'm getting better with my directions only because I bought a better gps I still don't know my directions but I have gained some faith in the gps. I'm getting pretty good well better with all this technology. My thought "Happiness is an inside job. Sweet dreams...Sister Putnam


  1. some of your experiences make me smile and laugh and then i just pray for ya!!! you're doing great and making a difference. sure do love ya! dp

  2. I must apologize for not chiming in until now. I just read all your blogs and it sounds like things are going well. I saw your comment about Bear Lake where we spent Father's Day. Chad booked us a couple condos over there so that mom and dad, Chad and Brynn and their kids, Darren and Maydi and kids, myself, Karla, Derek, Haley, and Madison went and stayed Sat evening and came home on Sun. It was great to have all us boys and dad together.
    We then went to mom and dad's and we pulled dad's army duffle bag out and had him try them on. The shirts were closee to fitting but nothing else. If you will get me an address, I will get a letter in the mail once in a full moon. Thinking of you always, as well as praying for you.
    Love ya lots.
    P.S. Sorry we missed out on going to the temple together before you left.

  3. Hi Con, or should I say Sister Putnam. I enjoy reading your blogs. Sure hope you are doing well. Sounds like they are keeping you pretty busy. So glad you are having such great experiences. I don't see how you can grow any more than you already are. We think of you often and wish you the best. Do be careful. I know that God is watching out for you. It's so fun to hear about all the people you are coming in contact with that knows about Randolph. We are getting a great and very needed rainstorm today. Try and not melt away. Love you and take care. Lola and Phil