Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The roses are wilting

I wrote this post on Danny's birthday but the computer quite working so I couldn't post it. If there's birthdays in heaven I hope he had a great one & was able to spend it with family & friends. Just a little note I sent to heaven to tell him happy birthday & hope it was a good one, pain free. We planted a tree for him last year on his special day & it lived through the winter. Well my companion was transferred on Monday so I took a load for her to Mesquite Texas that is & I followed my new companion back. It was a very tiring day with lots of lugging, it made me think of Putter, he would say when he got married his vows said, "I promise to love, honor, cherish & lug for the rest of my life & needless to say he done plenty of it. I sure miss him cause the house I'm living in needs lots of stuff done & Danny always done that STUFF for me. I've had to toughen up & I've done a little bit of everything believe me. Life is good & we're starting to meet lots of people. I was able to give the lesson in Relief Society with my companion. I started & told just a bit about where I was from. I said a small town in northern Utah, someone ask what the name of the town was? I said, "Randolph" I heard someone say "oh you might know my aunt & uncle." I said probable so, well it was Jane & Glade Hatch. It's getting quite funny cause everywhere we've went pretty well I've known someone they knew. My companion said Randolph is the littlest big place I've heard of. We've been able to visit lots of sick people this week & one with Hospice dying it brought back some raw memories. I had a nice chat with the son who is an only child & not a member but his mom is. We went to the temple last night with the Plano 9th Ward sisters. It was a great night, we've been able to go once a week so I'm learning a lot about life in the big city & among non members & with new companions. I was so excited to get a letter from Elder & Sister Huffaker, it was great cause Chuck had done the writing, I think, & drew a picture of Elder & Sister Huffaker it looks really good. It sure did make my day!! Well it's finally cooling down till it's just a little stream running down your back instead of a river (sweat). I just walked outside & seen a sliver of a moon I'm so thankful for that. Have a great evening & the roses are wilting here. They all tell me just wait until July & August...if I think it's hot now.. One of my favorite scriptures is Matt 11:28-30. Sister Putnam


  1. ohhh....your stories are fun to hear. so glad you keep writing. im sure dad had a good day. sure do love ya.

  2. Just catching up with your posts:) I hope I can learn to be as brave as you!!!! I walked by Danny's grave on Memorial weekend. The decorations are a nice tribute to him and your lives. It is crazy how something can seem like forever ago and just yesterday at the same time???? My daughter has just moved to CO and I am waiting for her to say I met someone who know so and so:) It makes home seem a little closer:)