Monday, October 6, 2014

Keeper of a lighthouse

Well another daughter's birthday & our baby of 42 yrs, again I'm reminded of how fast time does fly by & if we're not careful we'll miss some of it. Conference was so good we were able to go to the church for all the sessions. I noticed that the Women's Conference the weekend before started the sessions of General Conference. I so enjoyed the talks, the prayers that were offered and the music was very uplifting in all the meetings. My hope is that we were all able to fill our cups up with a renewed attitude to do our very best we can, we're all in different seasons of our lives but no matter what season if we live the way we know we should our lives would be easier. We had another great institute class this morning & study John chapter 20. There were things brought out that I'd never thought about. May you have a very great week doing the things you need to do & added a little time for the Lord in your busy world. My thought "Imagine yourself as the keeper of a lighthouse. It is nighttime & the sky is black. The wind is cold and strong with the scent of rain. Waves crash against the shore. You know that off in the distance there is one ship, maybe more, searching for the safety of your harbor. They need your bright light as they steer through treacherous waters. The beam from your beacon will guide them safely home." Melissa Merrill, New Era 2011. I wonder how many stranded people that our light might help back to our heavenly home safely. Take care & happy birthday Sandra. My scripture is John 20:27. Sister Putnam

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  1. Wow, your girls are growing up:) I miss getting to see Logan occasionally but I am sure he is glad to be working Randolph! So glad you are being watched over!!! Had our first skiff of snow this is beautiful here:)