Friday, October 3, 2014

As I count my blessings

My, here it is almost another 2 weeks has past since I updated. We really are kept busy I'm so ready to fall into bed at nights & just meditate & ponder on the things of our day. There are a lot of heart aches that come with divorces, lack of funds, sickness and not keeping the commandments. A heavy price is paid by someone here on this earth, that makes my mind go to our Savior who paid the ultimate price with His life for each one of us but we have to turn to him in order for it to work. The atonement has a greater meaning to me as I'm learning more about Christ & his gospel I pray that I may be able to continue to just understand a small portion of it. I'm able to attend an institute class on Monday mornings for one & a half hours, we have such a good teacher (he is one of the speakers at education week in Provo). We've been studying the last few days of Christ's life on earth & the crucifixion. That sure does pull on your heart strings. He talked about the most sad time of it all was he was a lone at the end even asking his Father "where art thou?" I talked to the leader at the end when everyone else had left & told him my feelings. I believe there comes a time when we leave mortality for immortality when we have to do it alone even though we were with Danny at the end he had to leave himself. The words to a song that says, you have to walk that lonesome valley, you have to do it by yourself, oh no one else can do it for you, that has a whole different meaning to me at this point in my life. Yes, I know there are those on this side & those on the other side but there must be a mountain or valley or some distance in between when we leave & when we get there. Enough of that but it was food for thought for me & brought back some memories of my husband, father & mother whom I was privileged to be with as they left this earth & what a spiritual experience with all of them. The moon is getting bigger each night & so beautiful even in Texas. Isn't this world we live in so beautiful? I thank the Lord each day for the beauties around me as I count my blessings. My thought is an Native American Prayer: we ask for strength & Thou gives us difficulties, which make us strong. We ask for wisdom & Thou send us problems & the solutions develop wisdom. We plead for prosperity & Thou gives us dangers & obstacles to overcome. We ask for favors & Thou gives us the space to develop opportunities. Therefore, great God, we ask Thee to bless & assist us according to Thy desire & will. My scripture D&C 78:18 & 19. Love Sister Putnam

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