Monday, October 13, 2014

hollow of His hand

Another week has rolled around & what a great week. The weather has cooled lots & it's even cold today. The wind blew, thunder & lightening, rain all last night, their thunder & lightening storms beats ours at home. I'm not very fond of their storms so far but we really do need the moisture it is dry. I'm packed up & ready to leave in the morning for Mesquite, Texas, I'll be there for a month or so then move back to Plano for a couple more months then who knows? There is a single sister down there who has been a lone for over a month so we'll each be spending some time alone. We'll all three split her apartment rent so it's not so hard on her & then we'll take turns going down there to live. I'm so glad I sent stuff home except we could now have used it in her apartment. I know she has dealt lots with cockroaches so here we go, she is thrilled to have another pair of hands to help terminate them. I know it's a poorer place than Plano so upward & onward & we'll see what's around the next bend. I love cockroaches compared to bedbugs which some of the missionaries have been dealing with a lot. I certainly do not want any bed companions sleeping with me. My heart was back home this past Sunday as my little great grand daughter was blessed & given the name Ollie Lynn Peart. She looked so beautiful on some pictures I was able to see. I don't usually like technology but in this case it sure was fun to see what was going on with the family. Thanks to all of you out there who made my heart skip a beat as I received some letters & a package, I truly do appreciate it a lot. I'm leaving my address the same for now so I'll just pick my mail up when I get to Plano or we meet at conferences. It's kind of hard to leave my new found Celestial home but I will bloom where I'm planted. May the roads rise with you, and the wind be always at your back. And may the Lord hold you in the hollow of His hand-- I took this off a plaque I seen this week, my scripture is Moroni 10:4. Love ya all & think of ya often...sister Putnam

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  1. Sister Putnam, as always I love reading the thoughts that run around in your head. I talked to Dana in the Randolph store a couple of months ago and she told me about your blog. I finally took the time to sit down and read. I know the people of Texas are blessed to have you in their midst. I'm sure you are blooming where you are planted as you always do. Take care :) Love, Anelisa