Saturday, September 13, 2014

stumbled across my strength

Life is moving pretty fast here in Texas this week. Had a great zone conference & I've defintly come to love the young Elders & Sisters in our zone. They are great young people & take good care of us older ones, well Sister Smith & myself. Some of these missionaries have been going home & it makes your heart just a little sad. We traveled on down to Arlington, Texas today for Time Out For Women just trying to refill our cups. We had tickets for last night but had to cancel for a talent show that my companion sang in. One thing that stood out to me was, think what you're praying for. Is it to be an instrument in God's hands or should we be praying to be in tune with the Lord. I had the honor of taking one completely blind lady & sitting with another almost blind lady at the dinner & talent show. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be blind, I closed my eyes for a bit last night & couldn't see on my plate what I was eating. We visit them each week & can only hope we make their dark world just a little brighter. I love my other companion Sister Telford & knows she would understand them well. They all 3 light up my world. We had taken a couple of ladies out to lunch for ones 84th birthday. One of the ladies is my dear black lady friend I've grown to love her so much, she just makes me laugh brings a spark to my day or you could say adds some spice to my life. We've done lots of visits this past week & met with some great sisters some with great testimonies & others is a little weak but love them all the same. I was able to visit one young lady who is going to have her 2nd baby, she's a member but her husband is not. I just go to her myself upon her request, it was her birthday also last week I stopped them off a pizza for supper. She's such a delight & pray that I may become better acquainted with her that we may learn & grow together as sisters in the gospel. The sweet lady I live with ask me if I was a little sad? No just a little tired, she just shows up in my room with a Ben & Jerry's small ice cream cup & said, "It's a long time till we can eat tomorrow night" thanks Marjean you're a sweetheart. Well I'll wrap up my week with a thought I seen, I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength. I'm just pondering it still but it's food for thought for the week. My scripture this week is Matt 7:7-8 just working on this also. Love ya all & pray for the blessings ya stand in need of... Sister Putnam


  1. What a sweat landlady!!! I can learn from her and you also. Have a great week!

  2. I love your thought. Thanks for sharing it.