Thursday, February 4, 2016

My companions

This dear companion left this morning to go home to Australia. I love her & learned so much from all these sisters. 

This sister left yesterday to return home to Canada. We walked each morning we were together & picked up lots of trash.

 This sister is also leaving for CA. We served in the same district for quite awhile. She also taught me a lot.

I seen this cereal for the first time since I came to TX. it so reminded me of Putter so I bought a box. It was his favorite. 

All my companions except for the one I'm serving with now has gone home. I feel sad & alone but I know this companion will never leave me except by my own choice. Hope to always have him as the center of my life. He has been so patient with me throughout my life & has stood beside me the last two years & always. He has helped me over some hard rough spots & is still trying to work on my rough spots. He's certainly trying hard to shine me up like a diamond. I've had some pretty rough edges. I humbly thank Him for my life & all the many experiences I've had & continue to have. I thank him for his atonement in my behalf that I may return back to my heavenly home with my Heavenly Father. I think he's had to put in some overtime helping me out. Please keep your prayers coming to TX & together we will return with honor HOME...Sister Putnam!!

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