Thursday, January 28, 2016


As I was walking looking at the moon the other night it came to my mind that only two more full moons & I'll be heading back towards Utah & some dearly missed mountains & people. Then a sad feeling came over me that I might never see some of these dearly loved people in TX again. This is going to be another very hard thing to do, leaving Tx but then I've already learned over the past two years that I can do some very hard things for me anyway. I guess if we all look back over our lives everyone has overcome hard things it's a good thing we can't see in front of us cause I'm sure there's some hard things waiting for us. I guess we all just better enjoy today & I certainly have. It has finally warmed up a bit here in Tx to 55 however I'm not sending my long johns home yet.  The missionary work is going good for us we are teaching lots of people in different things such as temple prep classes, investigators lessons & today we hunted people down who the ward has not been able to find yet. It's pretty hard to find people that don't want to be found.  There's been 6 of us senior missionaries with the same calling I have, two left last Tuesday for Florida & Riverdale, Ut, two more leave this coming Tuesday for Canada & Australia & we leave in March for CA & good old Randolph UTAH.  I met a lady yesterday who ask where I was from? I told her a small town in Utah (Randolph) she said I knew an elder in Bermuda over 45 yrs ago who was from out there. She was visiting her sister who lived there & these two elders were there  working on their bikes, it just happened it was my brother. Now this has happened many times while I've been out here, there is always someone that knows someone I know. It truly is a small world. Life is good & I'm truly thankful to be in Tx on a mission for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. I can't remember if I thanked everyone for the many Christmas cards, money & letters I received but I truly appreciate all of them. I'm so sorry I just don't have time to send thank you cards I'm really thrilled if I can just get a few hours of sleep.  My thought: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls & looks like work---Thomas Edison. My scripture is found in D&C 33: 12-18. I love ya all & pray all is well with your families & yourselves. May the Dear Lord continue to bless us & keep us all in His care. Sister Putnam

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