Friday, February 26, 2016

Help someone find their way

I've had a couple of down days dealing with strip throat so I've been hanging close to home. I certainly don't want to give anyone this junk. I'm rather sad as I was suppose to go to AA with a gentleman tonight who has been sober for 10 yrs. But instead I'm writing to you guys & my 2 companions went.  His wife is the one we were able to teach & she was baptized but we can't get him to quit smoking & he's happy being a Baptist so that's fine for now & we'll just keep working on him. I love him lots & he needs to quit smoking for his own health. I've walked to the mailbox a couple of times today, washed my sick sheets & done a lot of studying in the New Testament. I don't know if I've mentioned before but I sure do love our Savior & am so glad he is so patient. My thought for tonight: I met a stranger in the night whose lamp had ceased to shine. I paused & let him light his lamp from mine. A tempest sprang up later on and shook the world about. And when the wind was gone my lamp was out! But back to me the stranger came-his lamp was glowing fine! He held the precious flame and lighted mine! author unknown. I love this because each of us at sometime in our lives seem to get lost & someone finds us. Lets see if we can help someone else find their way again.
The scripture is found in Alma 28:14 & Isaiah 60:19. Just a month from today my daughters will land in the big state of Tx. I think I've mentioned how time seems to fly by. See ya when the roses bloom & don't forget someone in Texas loves ya'll. Sister Putnam

Just a few people I love & the moon in the good old state of Texas!

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