Sunday, December 20, 2015

A special daughter of God

What a great week this has been! My companion & I have been giving lessons to a lady & she accepted when we ask her if she would be baptized? Wow it was awesome so last Saturday she was baptized & confirmed today in sacrament meeting. She has just been glowing all week. It was such a fun experience to be privileged to be a part of. I learned a lot from this experience & hope to get another one before I leave.

Talk about a wonderful time I'm sure the Lord would have a smile on his face to have another special daughter come into the fold. She is a wonderful woman & I will always love her for letting us be a part of this special day of hers. Now someone said Christmas is coming this week, I don't know where the time is going but it is going to fast.  A poem this week by Mary O'Connor "New Rhythm"  Today my worries bore me down with tons of weight, I wore a frown until a bluebird found a limb outside my window! I turned to him, and in his happy morning song I found new courage to make me strong. For in each rhythm he had the key: The joy of giving his song to me. And so I pondered and suddenly knew I too must offer a gift that is true. And in my giving I forgot my cares in drawing nearer to THE MAN UPSTAIRS. My scripture Alma 7:6-16. Good night & have a great week with all your festivities. Love Sister Putnam

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