Wednesday, December 9, 2015

May the Lord be with you

All is well in this neck of the woods as far as the missionaries anyway. Another shooting or something went on at the park but all we hear is just people talking about it. We don't listen to the news or any tv so we really don't know what's happening unless someone tells us. I was walking early one morning a few days ago & heard a lamb I went to the brick wall but I couldn't pull myself up to see over it so I just stood & listened it made my heart so happy. I found 2 pennies as I was walking this morning & that made my heart happy so I guess you could say I'm the happiest girl in the whole USA. I've caught myself singing this song lately, I used to sing it everyday as I walked to work then my life went a little crazy & I forgot it but it's came back. It's another day already & I didn't get this sent but I woke up this morning to a sliver of a moon so I walked & oh what a beautiful morning. I thank the dear Lord everyday for the beautiful world we live in, the sky is always a painting of clouds, sunsets, sunrises, rain, thunder & lightening, sun, stars & oh my favorite of them all the moon. I'm so thankful I learned at a early age to look up & see. We have district meeting this morning & we're doing a training on members being the missionaries. Pres. Hinckley told us that back in 1998 that members can do much more than the missionaries in keeping these converts in the church. I guess we all have our jobs cut out for us. Goodness another day so I'll wrap this up with my thought for the week: sometimes, it's not the song that makes you emotional it's the people & things that come to your mind when you hear it. I love songs & always have one in my heart or head, music has got me through some very rough times on my mission as well as all through my life. I thank the Lord for music & so thankful that I can hear it. MY scripture: Alma 26: 26-28. I love all you folks out there & may the Lord be with you & your family this holiday season. Sister Putnam
 looking out my bedroom window

 My living room & some beautiful flowers sent to me from some granddaughters.

 A very dear friend who feeds us every fast Sunday. She's an excellent cook.

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