Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter

Wow, my heart is sad tonight over the deaths in our small communities. It seems like things just keep moving on whether we like it or not. I just talked to my dear friend on the phone who lost his wife this past week & it breaks my heart to see people have to suffer through the death of your loved ones. You know the deep hurt his family is going through & you'd love to help ease their pain but there's not much we can do. My life long neighbor also was killed in an accident last week & that too makes my heart sad. I guess all I can do is pray for both families & I know our Heavenly Father can & will  help them through the difficult days ahead.  Also 16 years ago last night I was with my father as he left this life for a better one & I remember so well my feelings as that was taking place. I do know that life keeps moving on & there will be more hard lessons that we all will have to go through so just keep praying, being kind to one another,  living the best we can & someday we'll be together again & be able to see the whole picture clearer. I've had a bad cold the last week so I've stayed pretty close to home since all the people we work with are up in their 80's & 90's & I certainly don't want to give them this mess. I am feeling better tonight & went to the chapel to listen to conference today & how uplifting were all the messages.  Our dear Prophet Monson looked so very tired to me I can't even begin to understand the stress, worry & heavy load he carries on his shoulders. Being as though it's the Easter season & the time when we really can reflect upon our Savior's resurrection & what that really means to each one of us in our lives. I am so grateful to Him & his sacrifice  in my behalf & to know that we will all be resurrected some day brings peace to me & makes me want to live my life better. The atonement makes me so thankful that I can be forgiven for all my screw ups, shortcomings, weaknesses & it brings peace to my soul. I got to call & wish one of my dear friends a happy birthday today & that always brings a smile to my face. I love my classmates & the fun memories I have of each one of them during our school years. I'm tired & ready for bed so my thought will be "Draw strength from the past but don't get stuck there." --author unknown. My scripture is D&C: 135. I just finished reading the Doctrine & Covenants & loved every minute of reading, studying & pondering it. Thanks to the Prophet Joseph Smith for all he's done to restore the gospel back on the earth. Happy Easter & have a great night. Love Sister Putnam


  1. Thank you for your thoughts and testimony.

  2. Just catching up with your blog:) We have snow this morning but as I'm sure you know we need the moisture! I loved your snow pictures...I just love pictures with snow in them:)