Sunday, March 15, 2015

Give thanks for the joy of living

I don't even know where to begin there has been so many things going on including snow & ice storms. My heart had been set on seeing some friends from Randolph a couple of weeks ago. We were going out to dinner together but needless to say it didn't happen because of the big storm. We were confined to our home by our Mission Pres. & they couldn't get out of their motel room. It's hard to know someone from home is within 20 miles & you can't see them. That's the way the ball bounces sometimes & we have to roll with the bounce or whatever. Now if you hear it doesn't snow in Tx. that is wrong. We were confined to home 3 different times in a week I sure did feel for the President trying to keep everyone safe. Elder Foster from the seventies was supposed to come but he also got canceled. We did get to hear him last week along with his wife, it was a great day & again we came away with our cups overflowing. Part of it was a training on becoming a better missionary. The dear bishop from one of our wards got sick one week after he was released from bishop & his funeral is tomorrow. He was 64 got pneumonia & it was a kind they can't treat. I have to say it brought back lots of memories as I was talking to his wife today because Danny got a kind of pneumonia during his cancer ordeal that they couldn't treat. The team of doctors came in & told us they had given him all the big guns (meaning antibiotics) & there was nothing else they could do but just wait & see what happens. He pulled through & you know the rest of the story. The bishop that took his place has a son that was paralyzed  some years ago from high school wrestling, I've been told lots of amazing stories about him & his family. He even served a mission & now in college I believe. We picked up another new sister who is in a rehabilitation center from a fall that broke her hip & shoulder so we will visit her every week until she gets out. Life is good & the time is flying by so fast I can't hardly keep up. I've heard of some sickness out home so sure hope everyone there is on the mend, up & getting on with their life. I'm going to miss my neighbor who passed away last week. He would set out on his porch a lot & I'd honk & wave many times in a day or ride past on my bike. Things do change I'm fully aware of that. My thought I seen this week When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food & for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself. ~ Tecumseh. My scripture Alma 36:3. Have a great St. Patrick's Day & happy birthday to Bishop Barker from my home ward in Randolph Utah. Sister Putnam

Under this snow lies ICE

Love this picture. I LOVE THE SKY!

School out for 3 days

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  1. So sorry you missed the hometown folks. I imagine you all felt bad. The weather in Randolph is much better than yours but everyone is worrying about water for the summer. I too am going to miss our neighbor next summer. I'm sure you can be a great comfort to your former bishop's wife, how sad.