Wednesday, November 18, 2015

48 years

Forty eight years of married life today, wow where did all that time go & why did it go so fast? It doesn't matter where I'm at on my special day whether in Tx, Ut or the moon my thoughts are with Danny & all our memories we made together. I loved him when I was way young & I love him more today, I loved him when he was on earth & I love him more in heaven. Okay I just had to put down a few of my thoughts tonight. The moon is out here in Mesquite yes, that would be Tx not Nevada so I've had a great day I got to see the sunrise this morning & the moon tonight doesn't get any better than that. I had a most unusual day last Sunday, I spoke in a sacrament mtg & then went to the mission President's fireside Sunday night up in Plano. President Taylor had all the missionaries stand up then out of the clear blue sky he said, "Sister Putnam" I looked around thinking there must be another Putnam there, he said, "you come up here please & bear your testimony" it was a long way up to the pulpit & just as I got there he said lets all the missionaries sing first so I stood with Sister & Pres Taylor with all the rest still standing & we sang Redeemer of Israel then it was my turn. I now know what it means to open your mouth & the words will come. This fireside is for non members, in actives & for the missionaries to be able to go you have to take non members. The members are invited to come with in actives also. It was an awesome sight with so many, even the overflow about full & to think some of these people were in our church for the first time. As I looked at all the people I knew a lot of them because I've served in Plano for 18 of my 19 months. I have truly been blessed to have rubbed shoulders with all of the people I've served there. My thought for the week. "In matters of style, swim with the current, in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Scripture 1 Nephi 13:36-37, hope you're fast asleep with angel kisses on your pillows. Love Sister Putnam

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